1. Bruce Fuentes says

    Loved the game. My only problem is that I don’t have 100 hours to put into it. I played for about 20 hours and loved every bit, but saw I needed to put a lot more time into it.

  2. staranise says

    Long time reader, first time commenting. Caught the tail end of your live stream. Looks very fun! I’ve been wanting to play this for ages. Will look for you next week!

  3. says

    I don’t have the time either, especially with classes coming up. So I’m going to go slow and steady.

    Tonight I played for a bit more than an hour. Repaired my exosuit and spaceship, took off from my starting world (the cold and lovely New Minnesota), and flew to a new nearby planet covered with glowing fungi, which is a paradise planet with comfortable temperatures and pleasant atmosphere, and began gathering materials for a base on this new world we named Phos.

    Unfortunately, after beginning to settle down and think about building a home, I read the description further to learn that it also has howling megastorms and threatening Sentinels…an ominous beginning. But I stopped there, and next week we’ll continue by building a shelter.

  4. wsierichs says

    I see you are learning the hard way about the first rule of science fiction movies, TV shows and games. If a planet looks like paradise, or close to it, it’s a TRAP! It’s a cookbook. The BEMs are just waiting to make a meal of you! (I will leave it to the kids to figure out what an archaic phrase, BEMs, means. No fair googling it!).

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Watch out for signs of civilisation being destroyed by nanotech, like in Lem’s “The Invincible” (1962).

  6. Chakat Firepaw says

    Some good news about your paradise planet: All non-dead planets have some kind of storms and while paradise planets often have scary storms listed as their extreme weather, they tend to be less frequent than the storms on other planets.

    However, it is true that most planets are going to have at least one ‘issue’: Be that the planet being flat-out dead, (no biosphere, faster life support use), being toxic, radioactive, burning hot or freezing cold, or simply being something the sentinels are going to heavily protect from interference, (up to the point of being “attack on sight” because they don’t even want you leaving footprints). If you do find a ‘true’ paradise world, (nice weather, little to no sentinel activity and looks nice), people are going to want the portal address.