I have my first week of classes all set up: lectures ready to go, assignments posted, the first lab exercise all laid out. I am prepared! It’ll all disintegrate into a shambles the second week, but I’ll start out well.

I do have a lot of bottles to wash, still, but my excuse is that it’s lightly blizzarding today, so I have to stay home.


  1. blf says

    it’s lightly blizzarding today

    I first read that as “it’s lightly lizarding day”, which is a holiday(? feast?) previously unknown to me. Then I was reminded there is a behaviour known as “lizarding”, From lizarding to lingering: how we really behave in public spaces (August 2019), which could be done in a socially-distanced manner. That snow stuff could provide the necessary “soft surface”; add a touch of sun and a face mask…