Wow. Kevin Sorbo is an idiot

I used to watch Hercules with my kids all the time, but then he made God’s Not Dead and demonstrated that he’s a world-class twit. Now you can read this interview with Sorbo and see for yourself. It’s a well-done interview: Marlow Stern just asks him question, and lets Sorbo hang himself with the answers. Normally I detest journalistic stenography, but they are very good questions. He also keeps pointing out where Sorbo is wrong, until Sorbo himself realizes he sounds like an idiot (while not admitting error) and ends it all whining about how it’s going to be a hit piece. Sure thing. Because of what he said, willingly.

It’s all the right-wing’s greatest hits. Venezuela! Bernie is a Stalinist! Hitler was a socialist! That woman who accused him of harassment was just trying to get rich (because accusing someone famous harassment always leads to fame and fortune)! Trump didn’t lose the election! Doctors are faking coronavirus deaths, and masks are no good! Yuck.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Those of us who are fans of ‘God Awful Movies’- where a team of atheist stand-up comedians dissect religious/pseudoscience films- are grateful to Sorbo and his ilk for producing so much unintended comedy.
    When you are weary of the evangelical flavor you can test the “historical” films about the early mormons, financed by the church and direcred/produced by enthusiasts without talent. Yum.

  2. microraptor says

    I remember watching Hercules. But then he made The Kevin Sorbo Hour Starship Andromeda and boy did that show die a painful death. And then he went all evangelical nutcases.

  3. says

    What do you expect from someone who co-stars with the Benham brothers in a “movie,” written by an Army of God Hero of the Faith, with the premise that:

    When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting ensue, and five children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. Armed with a couple of their father’s weapons, they are able to survive in a stretch of woods on the outskirts of their burning town. Facing starvation and threats from encroaching gangs, they begin to doubt God’s love. Will God answer their prayers, or must their faith remain blind to facts?

  4. fossboxer says

    I think he’s just trying to create some sort of legacy as his career falls into irrelevancy. And here I am, commenting on his antics. So I guess it’s working.

  5. PaulBC says

    There are artists whose work is so great that it’s a damn shame to hear them utter such idiocy it forces me to rethink my admiration for them.

    Kevin Sorbo is not one of them. (Kevin who?)

  6. Bruce says

    Reading Sorbo makes me want to vacation again in Copenhagen, so I can see Venezuela. They have a new road from there to Sweden. And the Tivoli Park is where people from Venezuela go for fun, I hear. It’s all making sense now. /s

  7. says

    Huh. Sorbo claims to be a “science fiction geek,” but based on the content I’ve read otherwise (as well, o’course, as past experience) it seems the actor leans rather more heavily on the “fiction” end of’t.

  8. hemidactylus says

    For some reason I keep thinking of sorbitol, but it has uses as a sweetener and laxative. Sorbo is useless for much of anything except unintentional comedy. His angry atheist character in the movie within which Willie Robertson made a cameo will live in infamy. At least Robertson makes duck calls if you’re into that sort of thing. Sorbo hasn’t come close to that level of productive value ever.

  9. Sean Boyd says

    hit piece (n): a form of journalistic reporting in which the interviewee’s expressed thoughts are reported accurately, resulting in the embarrassment of the interviewee.

  10. Larry says

    Sorbo: Counties reporting 110% voting. Thousands of ballots signed by dead people!

    Interviewer: Where’s your proof?

    Sorbo: Look over there, a squirrel!

  11. unclefrogy says

    Sorbo is a near perfect why in the old studio days actors were kept quiet and only allowed to talk about the “product” and have hinted at affairs

  12. hemidactylus says

    Lucy Lawless thankfully wasn’t a Tammy, but she was Number Three. Rather her as a Cylon than anything featuring frickin’ Kevin Sorbo.

    Wasn’t Kirk Cameron the guy who would watch costar Leonardo DiCaprio go on to blow the box office to smithereens? Cameron peaked early on Tiger Beat then became a running joke. DiCaprio made Titanic, The Aviator, Inception, The Revenant, The Departed!!!, J Edgar, … Cameron made some straight to DVD Left Behind crap that LaHaye himself disowned.

    Kevin Sorbo, Kirk Cameron, and Dean Cain together couldn’t put together anything close to DiCaprio’s worst movie whatever that is. Oh wait:

    Gotta be better than God’s not Dead or the Left Behind’s not starring Nicholas Cage. Nick Cage went deep cannonball into the dreck market but is still better than Sorbo, Cameron, and Cain combined. I mean Valley Girl and Raising Arizona were way above their combined skill set.

  13. chrislawson says

    At least Nic Cage had the excuse that he was in serious debt* and needed to take pretty much every job that was offered to him. Sorbo, Cameron, and Cain chose to get involved in the fundie self-satisfaction genre because it made them feel like god’s little favourites.

    (not excusing the debt — this is what happens when you combine stupidly flamboyant spending and attaching yourself to a shonky money manager who misleads you about tax reponsibilities — but I don’t see any evidence that Cage himself believes any of that Left Behind garbage)

  14. Kagehi says


    But then he made The Kevin Sorbo Hour Starship Andromeda and boy did that show die a painful death.

    You remember wrong. It went from an OK sci fi series into what, to someone that had no idea where the ideas came from, religious fiction of the Gog and Magog (literally from the Hebrew Bible, I think?), and the series “end” was him meeting himself, and apparently discovering that the whole bullshit struggle, the deaths of millions, the weird ass limbo like world they ended up in when they maybe all died, etc. was all utterly meaningless, because this character, the main characters, was basically – God, and the whole nonsense struggle was just to have all versions of himself show up together, go, “Oh, right.. Me.”, then walk back to magically, somehow, “fix” everything.

    So, yeah – it was almost an homage to his own idiocy itself. That said, looking back on the final bits of both Hercules and Xena especially, one is only surprised that the “big reveal” in that show wasn’t, “Well, see.. Hercules was actually Jesus.”, since it went way off track from Greek Myth, into flipping, “Oh, and all this is playing out while the god of the Jesus people was really hiding some place and sending angels around to fuck with things, but its OK, because the Greek gods are somehow all part of the same bullshit mess too, so when the end times come, Ares will be there, with Death, as one of the 4 horsemen. Isn’t that nice?” Kind of hard to look at the series, or the ones around it, in light of his later proven insanity, and not see the signs, even in Hercules.

  15. Akira MacKenzie says

    hemidactylus @ 16

    Wasn’t Kirk Cameron the guy who would watch costar Leonardo DiCaprio go on to blow the box office to smithereens?

    From what I heard, Cameron found JEEZ-us late in his career on Growing Pains. His co-stars, on the other hand, found his new-found religiosity insufferable. He demanded that writers make the show more Christian friendly, and even had an actress fired after she posed Playboy.

  16. angielineb says

    When I knew the Sorbos they weren’t that bad. Yes, they were christians and went to church frequently but Sam (his wife) especially was very nice. A bit full of herself in terms of ego but still nice. Kevin was always looking for work rarely around. It wasn’t because they are christians and Hollywood hates christians (a lot of them work a lot) that he was not getting much work after Andromeda (other than Soul Surfer- a wide release film with heavy Christian overtones). It was because he felt he should be playing leading men, the boyfriend, the husband, the love interest and leading roles, not anything secondary. He deserved that because he had 2 series. He had a very healthy (unhealthy) ego. He ended up doing only christian films made by his buddies or by forming his own company and including his entire family, in his films. No box office smashes except with the christian community. Casting directors, producers and directors didn’t like to work with him because he acted arrogant and entitled and felt he deserved better. He ticked them off. Not because he is conservative. Plus, let’s face it, he’s not a great actor. Yes, he was a hunky hunk and nobody had a better face or body than he did during Hercules. So after the friendship faded I observed the evolution of their careers. They have been in the news constantly since they aligned themselves with people like Hannity, Trump, the Q anon, conspiracy theory, anti-masking, Muslim hating, atheist hating, uber-deluded , hard-core (can you really call them) christian community. I guess their scriptures and self- importance give them the right to hate on as many people as possible. Even as a non-theist I’ve read nearly every religious text I could get my hands on and I am still looking for the hate in the Saint James Bible, the Jeffersonian Bible, the Lambda Bible, etc. Yes, it’s there in the Old Testament but today’s christianity texts are not based on that. I feel sad, angry and even at times embarrassed that I knew them. At one time it was pretty nice and then it wasn’t. Another friendship torn apart by stupidity, selfishness, entitlement and a feeling of superiority.