I’ll have you know it’s getting a little too bright and cheery around here

I stepped away from my computer for just a few minutes, went a few paces outside my door, and got blasted by the actinic rays of the sun, my lungs were scoured by a breath of fresh air, and then I went blind by these glaringly bright trees everywhere.

Don’t worry, I fled back inside and am back in my safe, dim room reading electronic submissions from students with the brightness of the monitor turned down, preciousesss. The lightses are too brightses, they is.


  1. komarov says

    ” with the brightness of the monitor turned down, preciousesss. The lightses are too brightses, they is.”

    I feel slightly less mad now. Except I spend my cave-time processing images. No goblinses to eat, though, that’s frowned upon in most officessss.

  2. charley says

    “students with the brightness of the monitor turned down” At first I thought you were calling your students dim.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    A bright moment… Pope Frances has come out strongly against war and against market liberalism. He is really stepping on Joe Biden’s toes :-)

  4. nomdeplume says

    Yeah, if humans were meant to live outside Steve Jobs wouldn’t have invented computers. Oh, and remember, Oxygen kills a lot of organisms.

  5. aquietvoice says

    My goodness, autumn is just so picturesque in america, from just about every photo I’ve ever seen. The effect of so many leaves in slightly different but wonderfully bright colours is just so good. I love it.

    Here in my country, it’s mostly evergreen or everdead, and all we do at the end of summer is yell “FUCK YOU ASSORTED WILDLIFE! I LIVED ANOTHER YEAR!” *

    Note: Am Australian.

  6. PaulBC says

    @6 “America” is bigger than you think, even if you use it as shorthand for the US (which is not always appreciated throughout the Western Hemisphere).

    Here in the SF Bay Area, Autumn is kind of a dud, not to say it’s bad but it’s damn near the same weather all year round and not enough deciduous trees to get any decent fall color. It will start to get a little rainy if we’re lucky, and I’ll have to wear a jacket outside till some time in March or later.

    (Actually, there are a lot of eucalyptus trees in some parts of the Bay Area, that must have seemed like a good idea at the time but they’re now considered a nuisance.)

  7. aquietvoice says

    @7: PaulBC: Naw, I’m aware of how large and ecologically diverse the US is, this is just comment super-shorthand – I did not for one moment believe eg. the desert in arizona or the wetlands further south would have an autumn akin to the one pz posted. :)

    Also, the eucalypts were famously introduced to california as they are a very straight hardwood – very profitable at the time – but they escaped from their plantations (I picture them jumping the fences late at night).

  8. christoph says

    @ aquietvoice, # 6: Right-just about anything in Australia can kill you, from the sharks and funnel web spiders to the unknown Lovecraftian horrors in the desert. I’m impressed you’re still alive!

  9. Numenaster says

    Australia’s fauna is what makes it possible to imagine Australian trees jumping fences and running off in search of victims. Probably with a strand of barbed wire wrapped around their necks just because they were in too much of a hurry to remove such a trivial nuisance.

    Australia is nightmare fuel.