Be excellent to one another!

I saw Bill & Ted Face the Music this weekend, and this is not a review. The movie is too stupid and goofy to warrant a review, and the plot does not have any logic to be explained, and the characters are all cartoons that don’t need analysis, so there isn’t much to say about it.

I still recommend it highly. If you need a dose of giddy optimism with a triumphantly cheerful ending — as we all do — it’ll do the trick, as long as you don’t think too hard about it. You wouldn’t be watching a Bill & Ted movie if you wanted to think, though, so that was a pointless point.

Billie and Thea are most excellent successors to Bill & Ted, though.


  1. PaulBC says

    San Jose has one Drive-In movie theater that is still operating (it surprised me that there were any). For a month or so I have been thinking it would be fun to have somewhere to bring the kids without exposing anyone to coronavirus. The only problem is that the movies shown there either suck, aren’t what my kids want to see, or we’ve seen them before. I am still waiting for something. If this shows up and reviews aren’t across the board awful (like for The New Mutants) I may consider it.

  2. John Harshman says

    I really think there ought to be a crossover: Bill and Ted meet Harold and Kumar. Who’s with me?

  3. Kagehi says

    Yeah, saw it, saw the price tag, and went.. WTF? I can wait for it to come out on DVD/blueray, pay the same, and not have to “rely” on this theory that Amazon, or any other company, which sells me a digital copy, won’t a) change the terms of service, b) decide to delete it (possibly do to some argument with the company that licenses it), c) will get bought out by someone else, who doesn’t give a F, etc. And.. hell no am I spending $20 to “rent it”.

    But, glad to here its a fun romp, whenever I do end up seeing it.. lol

  4. birgerjohansson says

    The films are deliberately goofy, applying logic or other such criteria on them would be like reviewing Sponge Bob alongside The Seventh Seal.
    They are feel-good goofy, and that is enough.

  5. John Harshman says


    Sponge Bob alongside The Seventh Seal

    Actually, that’s a fair description of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.