Yay! We live again!

Our glitch that killed the site for over a day has been corrected, and we’re back online. Of course, that means I have to find time this late in the day to create content.

Probably doable. I usually find something to say, although right now I’m all distracted with saying stuff about cell biology to students.


  1. raven says

    It’s a miracle!
    Freethoughtblogs and Pharyngula have been…resurrected!

    I was getting worried.

    Yeah, me too.
    We lost Ed Brayton and Dispatches just a few weeks ago.
    Plus, there is a novel virus causing huge problems everywhere.
    2020 has turned out to be a lost and horrible year for almost everyone.

  2. redwood says

    I kept getting a “504 Error–lost gateway” and didn’t know what to do. I ended up checking PZ’s twitter account and was happy to see him mention the problem and that they were working on it, but it still took almost 20 hours after that for it to be fixed. Speaking of fixes, I was without my Pharyngula one for too long . . .

  3. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Good to see the glitch got fixed. Take care of your students and spiders first.

  4. hemidactylus says

    So it was just a glitch then? I wondered based on nothing if it was something targeted at FTB by haters (as in who did PZ go and piss off this time?), but that’s just my low opinion of social networking culture and its knuckledragging dregs speaking out loud. Good to see the site back and running.

  5. PaulBC says

    @10 Yeah, I wondered if it was an intentional attack.

    In the process of searching anything I could find about FtB or PZ, I found this lovely hate page: https://pharyngula.fandom.com/wiki/Pharyngula_Wiki If there are assholes who have time for that, they surely have time for a denial of service attack or similar (but maybe not the technical competence).

  6. hemidactylus says

    @11- PaulBC

    That’s a terrible and nasty article on PZ on a site (formerly Wikia?) I had long utilized to get info on new and old shows (and cheat-reading The Walking Dead comics issues seeking insight into future trajectory of the show). That the site facilitates such subjective hit pieces instead of what could be a matter of fact or even critical (in positive sense) biopic/archive or an actual fan page is disappointing and disgusting in the extreme. I see typical hater tropes like the porcupine thing I have heard elsewhere and a very silly slam on PZ’s respect for stating pronoun preference so SQWs and/or slimers?

  7. billseymour says

    Glad you’re back.

    At first, I thought it could be a denial of service attack by loving Christians, but then I realized that thoughts and prayers probably wouldn’t have the necessary effect.

  8. robro says

    “Yay! We live again!” So, you accept the redemptive message of the resurrection. To the Lord let praises be, it’s time for dinner now let’s go eat. Amen.

  9. davidc1 says

    @11 Just had a look at it ,found this” PZ Myers is rich white male” .Must be right i did dun seed it on the interweb .
    And there is the Doc claiming he is poor as a secular Mouse .
    Might go back and see if they accept comments ,could be worth a laugh or three .

  10. davidc1 says

    Just been back there found this “Myers has obsession with tentacle porn. ”
    They talk as if that is a bad thing .