1. blf says

    Roof-mounted giant flashing yellow spiders? Some of them can jump off the roof and position themselves a distance away from the car as an advance warning for other road-users.

  2. christoph says

    No need for flashing yellow lights-anyone who sees that bumper sticker will back waaaaay off.

  3. Snidely W says

    Font is a little small and hard to read while moving isn’t it?
    (Just a pet-peeve of mine, I see this shortcoming on all kinds of signage).

  4. Snidely W says

    The previous complaint should be viewed as a complaint against the manufacturer of the bumper sticker and not the purchaser (PZ), who had no choice on the matter, presumably.

  5. blf says

    @3, Back when I lived and drove in the UK last millennium, my signage peeve wasn’t about the roadsigns’s readability per se, but the placement: “One sign, placed as late and low as possible” is how I described it at the time. End result is any traffic ahead of you tended to block that one-and-only sign. (The motorway signage was quite good, the idiotic placement was mostly on non-motorway roads, including A-roads (highways).)

    Then there are the signs in Wales, which are in both Welsh and English (which is fine), but with no consistency as where the Welsh and English were placed on the sign. Sometimes English on the top and Welsh at the bottom, with the next sign the other way around, followed by a sign with Welsh on the right and English on the left, &tc — each sign would be for something different as well, following the beforementioned “One sign…” principle. So even if you could see the sign in time, you’d be struggling to decipher it (unless you could read both languages).

  6. says

    Roof-mounted yellow lights, black/yellow stripes, a reflecting fluorescent yellow safety vest and a huge sign that reads “professional spider handler”. The vest should have that on the back as well.
    Also nets on long or extendable poles, mounted on a roof rack.

  7. christoph says

    @ Stroppy, # 8: All the spiders in that picture have 10 legs. So, arachnids but not real spiders?

  8. christoph says

    @ Snidely W, # 3: I had that same complaint, but the problem went away when I realized I needed glasses. Getting old sucks.

  9. lucifersbike says

    @5bif. Scotland has introduced bilingual signs for town and city signs. Have you ever traveled in Switzerland? :D

  10. blf says

    @12, Switerland: No; @13, Don’t recall any problem (in Scotland) other than the “One sign, low and late” (see @5), which seems to be the standard throughout the UK (including N.Ireland). The images do, now, remind me of another point, the non-motorway signs (which are mostly B&W throughout the UK) in Wales used different fonts for the two languages (which didn’t help all that much). I cannot now recall the motorway signs, but the different colours seems slightly familiar (for Wales)…