You shall listen to me until I get it right!

Those of you who tuned into my youtube livestream yesterday know that the presentation was terrible — the audio was thoroughly screwed up. I think I fixed the problem now, though, so I’m going to test my setup tonight at 9pm, and just open the floor to any questions. If no one shows up and I only do an audio recording test, that’s fine too.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Should have recorded in black and white so I could say “who was that masked man”. /old fart

  2. fulcrumx says

    Sorry, Nothing much to hear here. I can never hear much at all in your videos even with my headset on and all the volume controls set to maximum. This isn’t anywhere near as good as most other stuff on YouTube. Here’s a random video that seems to be recorded at about a normal level.

  3. says

    Sound is fixed! Except I guess I’m still getting complaints about the volume. I’ll experiment with turning up the gain in the future.

  4. consciousness razor says

    You said you’re using OBS, which I know basically nothing about…. So it’s just a guess, but this looks like it may be relevant to your sound issues:

    Audio Input/Output Capture

    WARNING: Audio Input/Output Capture source can cause an echo effect if you have the same device selected in Settings -> Audio. If you plan on adding audio devices directly to your scenes, make sure they are disabled globally first.

    This source allows you to add an audio input or output device (i.e. microphone or headset repsectively) to a specific scene. Simply pick the device you wish to capture, and the audio from that device will be captured when the source is active. These sources can be useful if you only want specific audio devices active in specific scenes, rather than globally through all of OBS.

    So, disable it globally first. Maybe.

  5. fossboxer says

    I enjoyed your take-down of ham ‘n eggs so much that the echo became but a minor distraction. The volume level was good though — I cannot hear you in this video.