Exactly what I’d expect in Portland

In what seems to have been an effective tactic this time, a naked protester faced down the cops.

Everyone who has been to the Oregon Country Fair or the naked bike rides in Portland knows that there is a culture of casual nudity among a subset of the state. It seems to have been used to good effect in this case. I’ve seen the photos of what rubber bullets and those pepper guns can do to clothed flesh, so this was incredibly brave.

What if they made a protest, and nobody wore any clothes? What if the powerless embraced their vulnerability and threw themselves into actions that would inevitably lead to carnage? The thugs in power might be initially taken aback, but I don’t think they’d hesitate for long.


  1. says

    Not without precedent:

    “Yenagoa — Hundreds of half-nude women in Peremabiri community in Bayelsa State, Niger Delta, yesterday, staged a protest against non-implementation of an existing agreement by Shell.

    The women disrupted movement of workers into the oil platforms and boat houses operated by Shell in the area, alleging non-implementation of the memorandum of understanding Shell entered into with the community.”


  2. slatham says

    See the movie, The Public. It’s got to do with how to stay safe in such conditions.

  3. laurian says

    Troubling was the White guy who thought he was going to defend the naked person. The nude person was just fine. They had the power. It wasn’t until his intervention did the pigs start shooting.