Since you asked, the cat is fine

The cat weathered my absence for a few days without a problem. She greeted us at the door with her “FEED ME!” yowl.

black cat on a black blanket (she prefers to sleep on dark objects, the better to sneak up on you)

She’s also pleased that she now has two humans to annoy.


  1. aronymous says

    I’m disappointed you didn’t take her for the ride. I can see her now, blissfully stretched out on your dashboard in the warm sun. Or curled up in your lap. And the memories you’d both have … of that wonderful road trip during the great pandemic of 2020.

  2. magistramarla says

    We had to rush my 5 year old cat to the vet last Monday for excessive vomiting. She’s a good girl, so she made sure to jump off of the couch, the cat bed, etc.before she puked. We would wake up and open our bedroom door to spots of slime all over the floor. I got worried that she was becoming dehydrated, so we made the trip to the vet.
    An X-ray showed no obstruction. Her blood work was fine, except for some inflammation.
    The vet guessed that she may have developed a sensitivity to her food, gave her an injection for the inflammation, one for anti-nausea, and a quick IV for the dehydration.She also sold us a bag of hydrolyzed food for an ultra-sensitive stomach.
    My daughter, who used to work as a vet-tech said that if she doesn’t improve, we should ask the vet to check for parasites or for feline IBS.
    Luckily, my fur baby recovered quickly, and is now almost her normal self.
    We feed them Hill’s Science Diet for sensitive stomachs because of our elderly cat. I remembered that both of the pet stores in town had been out of their favorite fish flavor, so we bought a big bag of chicken flavor. The working hypothesis is now that my cat may be sensitive to chicken, so we will go back to the fish flavor and see if that works.
    My question for you, PZ, is this. Has your cat been checked over for all of these things? I know that she suffers from anxiety, but what about IBS? Or parasites? Or food sensitivity? I hope this might help if you take her to the vet.

  3. magistramarla says

    aronymous @ #5
    We moved from Texas to California last summer, and made the 1600 mile road trip in a Prius with three cats. The 15 year old had moved to Cali and back with us before, so he took the trip well. My girl was 4 at the time, and was a bit scared. Our youngest was 3 at the time. She’s a rescued feral who had to have one front leg amputated, and has never really adapted well to being a pet, much like PZ’s cat. She was terrified! It was a harrowing trip, especially in the desert heat and mountainous roads near Palm Springs. I hope to never do that again!
    Luckily, they all three seem to love the house that we bought in Monterey as much as we do. They are very content now.

  4. numerobis says

    Thursday night my one cat horked up dinner in an unusually wet way, then Friday was not up for breakfast (she’s a morning cat), and only emerged after dark.

    Thursday was also the first warm day of the year. Today they’re both fine.

  5. jack16 says

    I’ve two black cats and one black and white. Necklace, the black and white, developed ringworm about a year ago. Still has a couple of lesions.

  6. davidc1 says

    My cat Sooty has lost his meow ,,it did come back for a short time .He seems ok ,vomited yesterday .
    Did look it up online ,it could be something and nothing .He was on anti bionics and pain med a few weeks ago .
    They seemed to make a difference to him ,he is back to murdering the local wildlife now .
    Had to have two cats put to sleep recently ,so i got a female Tuxedo cat and her black hellbat kitten ,because Sooty
    was very vocal and seemed to be missing the other cats .

  7. maireaine46 says

    She is a beautiful black cat, you and Mary are good people for giving her a home despite her problems. I hope she is glad Mary is home, but she could not be as glad as you are. Continue to be well, and connect with your grandkids. My little grandson has the same stuffed owl.