Happy Mother’s Day!

Yeah, that’s me, the tough guy.

What I don’t usually mention is that Mom is a gentle sweetie and not at all intimidating, and she didn’t raise me to be a tough guy. It doesn’t show, does it?

Do something nice for your mom today, if you have one. I would, but I have been judged unfit for the company of women and am in solitary confinement today.


  1. blf says

    I am in solitary confinement today

    That sounds encouraging, no more puking cat. The cat is presumably enjoying the house — you were the one who put out, right? — and is presumably letting you in every now and then to open another food tin. Sounds like an amiable arrangement.

  2. grandolddeity says

    Remember Fred Flintstone’s cat?

    My family, countrywide, is doing a Zoom call later today. Should be interesting. I’ve used Zoom several times and it works pretty well.

  3. nancyholst says

    My Mom is 90 and in a nursing home. I haven’t seen her since St. Patricks Day when I went to her window (which was slightly cracked open) and I sang When Irish Eyes are Smiling to her. She cried. Since then they have moved her to a different wing where there is no window access for us. I think they did it on purpose since all 6 of her children were visiting her via the window. I have a heavy heart because I’m fearful that she will eventually succumb to COVID once they begin allowing family inside again, which I believe they will have to do eventually. So I’ll call her today and sing her another song………maybe Danny Boy. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.

  4. leerudolph says

    @1: ” to open another food tin. ”

    Excuse me, I think you mean “proto-vomit tin”.

  5. Ridana says

    3) nancyholst: “I think they did it on purpose”

    Oh, I hope that’s not the case. If it is, that’s just cruel and mean-spirited, especially since so many don’t get any visitors at all.

  6. nomdeplume says

    I think I am right in saying that most spiders we see, especially in orb webs, are moms?

  7. John Morales says

    Ah, yes. Mother’s Day.

    The one day in the year where one is encouraged to be good to one’s mum.

  8. John Morales says

    nomdeplume, depends on what you call a “mom”.

    (Spiders aren’t known for mothering)

  9. wzrd1 says

    Lost my mom in 2001, way too young. Turned out she was hiding that she was experiencing angina.
    Ended up forgetting what day it was, interestingly, so did my wife.

    Heard from our youngest, she usually remembers, but with this virus, understandably she forgot. Sounded like hell when she called again a couple of hours ago, coughing, but not significantly short of breath.
    I’ll have to check on her in the morning, either before my job interview or just after.

  10. nomdeplume says

    @ Some are. I have seen Golden Orb spiders guarding egg case and then the hatching young. Wolf Spiders carry the egg case on their abdomen, and then I think the young initially.

  11. brightmoon says

    Getting ready to be a great grandmother within about another 3 weeks Already an great aunt . . Yes I’m scared for their safety .

  12. birgerjohansson says

    You need both the right personal protection equipment for the staff of elder care facilities, and the proper training to use it. Any flaw, and the virus gets in. This is why so many elderly have died in Sweden.
    ‘cruel and mean-spirited’
    Well, they have the government as an example of conduct. ( Comment from ‘Dispatches from the culture wars’) : ‘Like that person who complained that the GOP had let them down by, and I quote, “not hurting the right people”.
    Pleeze have a vet check out the cat. If I could find a way to safely send you money from Sweden, I would (my visa number got hijacked once, hence my caution).
    BTW as I no longer have living parents, I concentrate on caring for two very shy adopted lady cats. After 3 months, they tolerate me coming within five feet. Barely.

  13. stroppy says

    It will be 40 years ago this fall that my mother passed away. Not sure how she felt about spiders. I seem to recall that she wasn’t too squeamish about squashing them, but some of my memories are drying out and fading.

    Important fact, spiders are more dangerous than moose but less dangerous than wolves. To my knowledge she never squashed moose or wolf.