Little Richard (1932-2020)

One of the most flamboyant personalities in the world of rock and roll, whose music hugely influenced generations of rock musicians who among other things copied his signature high-pitched ‘woo’, died today at the age of 87.

Here he is performing in 1995.

Here is a supercut of bits of his greatest hits.


  1. Mano Singham says


    I had not known until I read the link I gave above that gave the original lyrics and the explanation.

  2. DonDueed says

    My favorite part of the Little Richard story was that he had a religious conversion when he saw a sign in the heavens. A sign that turned out to be — wait for it — Sputnik I.

  3. Silentbob says

    Oh, man, come on! If you’re going to post a video it’s got to be vintage. 😉

    Nothin’ “Little” about his contribution to rock music.

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