Give it up, Ray

Oh. Ray Comfort is still making his dishonest videos? Here’s the trailer for the latest, title “Amazing Athiest [sp]: A journey of two atheists”.

Do you know those two guys? Are they supposed to be representative atheists? You know Comfort’s schtick: he confronts random people in the street who probably haven’t thought much about the subject he’s asking about, and then puts up a gloating video claiming that “hurr, hurr, hurr — look at these people who aren’t professional debaters.” Or, as the blurb says, “See their inconsistencies and struggles as they attempt to justify their blind faith.” This looks to be more of the same.

I’ll skip it.


  1. says

    But you’ll miss out on all the insurmountable, repetitive tedium. Think of the tedium. It sounds almost as much fun as being oh hold with tech support because your TV is broken and the only channel it receives is the Home Shopping Network.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Knowing Ray, they are either a of college kids who have never heard of him, don’t know his ”are you a good person” schtick, and are trying to discuss issues they Are ill prepared for, or at least one of them is a plant from his ministry.

    Well, at least the Puzzle in a Thunderstorm crew will have fresh fodder for God Awful Movies.

  3. wzrd1 says

    I viewed the video you presented and somehow, remained awake. Despite lunacy and idiocy portrayed as reasonable rampant.
    So, what other village idiots are to be presented and ignored? I’m absolutely certain the list is lengthy, given some preacher type, while motioning to feed the hungry, advanced how hydroxychloroquine is a suppressed magical treatment.
    Which already killed a majority of a study group that would have otherwise survived.

  4. blf says

    The two different spellings of “atheist” — which, since this is banananananaman, seems likely to be due to stooopidity — reminds me of Robert Cawdrey’s first edition (1604) of A Table Alphabeticall (considered the first monolingual English language dictionary), which spelled “words” two different ways on its title page. At the time it seems many people weren’t too bothered by details of English spelling; a famous example from the same period is Shakespeare’s six surviving signatures spell his name in six(?) different ways, none which is “Shakespeare”. (That different signature-spellings trivia is often cited by the anti–actor-from-Stafford loons as “proving” something, which it might, but not what they claim.)

  5. says

    B U G G E R !!!! Hoist wiv me own petard (or at least spellcheck)
    “He is merely athy, I am athier, but she is by far the athiest”.

  6. ColeYote says

    @3: Actually thought it was referring to that knob for a bit, and I’m not sure if I should be relieved that he’s not in the video or disappointed that he wasn’t there to make it an even bigger trainwreck.

  7. Meeker Morgan says

    Of course he won’t give it up. And proving something to atheists is just a role he plays. He’s still making money at it, right?