1. nomadiq says

    You would love Brisbane this time of the year. There is no ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. The inside is just like the outside, with all sorts of spiders and insects making their home in your bedroom, kitchen, ba Th room.

  2. lakitha tolbert says

    #1 nomadiq
    Uhm hm, yeah there is just waaay too much “nature” going on in Australia for me to be comfortable…

  3. Thornae says

    Peacock spider!
    Maratus is my favourite genus of my favourite spider family (Salticidae).

    They are also around 5mm long IRL, and you’ll usually only spot them if you’re specifically looking for them. It’s nice of the museum to make this one a bit easier to see.

    (CBS News has a very nice slideshow of a dozen or so different Maratus species – well worth a look).

  4. says

    The only good thing about the current oversupply of melodious magpies in my Canberra, Australia neighborhood, is that they have eaten ALL of the usual oversupply of assorted hulking spiders, venomous and otherwise. Sorry, PZ! ;-)

  5. Glenn Graham says

    We went there over the school holidays, came in via the other side and we missed that beauty on the roof. Inside however there was a friendly looking redback of similar proportions.