I am so glad there’s nothing like this on Earth

Don’t tell me otherwise. I’ve been studiously avoiding the news lately for fear that I might discover the truth. Isn’t there something going on in the American senate right now? No, don’t tell me.


  1. Akira MacKenzie says

    …populated by delusional sociopaths and weak-spined hippies centrists who pretend they’re hippies for votes.


  2. vucodlak says

    He believes the devil makes pigs run off of cliffs.

    Yeah, ‘cause that’s the problem, not his equally-delusional belief that corporations are people, or that the framers of the constitution intended that every(white)one should have the right to carry several semi-automatic murder machines with 30-round magazines of armor-piercing bullets, or that racism ended when we elected a milquetoast centrist black president.

  3. Kagehi says

    The part, of course, which they got “wrong” in that cartoon is the “weak-spinned hippies”. Nope, we have, instead, people like “Mayor” Pete, whose spin on his source of “political experience”, has been, “Well, I didn’t want to admit it, until you pressed me, but I worked for a while for a company whose entire business model is based on lying to the public, and the employees of other companies, while trying to maximize profit for their clients, and/or find ways to save them money, mostly by doing things like downsizing. But, somehow I had no idea any of these terrible scandals the company has been tied to where even happening, and never did anything while working there which I will willingly admit might have been involved in any such things.”

    So, what? You didn’t do anything while working for them, since you where never involved with their shady deals, and had no clue any of them where happening? Because.. you sound like a) you are an expert on how they did things, double speaking like a pro, or b) you don’t have any experience, having never actually done anything while working for them. Which is it?

    Unholy F… This is “our side”, sort of?