Homero Gómez is dead

Gómez was a hero who fought to educate people and protect the Monarch butterfly in his native Mexico, and now his body has been found thrown down a well.

This is a tragic loss. It’s still under investigation, but he was probably murdered by local gangs.

Rights groups had earlier said they feared that Gómez might have been targeted because of his fight against illegal logging, one of the activities that criminal gangs in the area are involved in.

Gómez was last seen in person attending a meeting in the village of El Soldado on the afternoon of 13 January, and his family reported him missing the next day. Relatives told local media the conservationist had received threats from an organised crime gang.

Fighting to preserve natural habitat is a dangerous cause.


  1. marcoli says

    Oh, crap. As I understand it, logging gangs not only are active to harvest timber, but to also plant forests of avocado trees. He was murdered so we can have our guacamole.

  2. brightmoon says

    ( sigh) stuff like this makes me cry because it make me feel helpless . I hate the feeling enough that the Antichrist ( Trump) is going to destroy the planet . (I can call him that I’m a Christian)And then stuff like this happens