Make friends with #spiders today!

Yes! This video speaks the truth!

Today is my free day, and I’m looking forward to just hanging out in the lab with the spiders all day long today. I’ve got some tedium to take care of — bottle-washing — but I also have my S. triangulosa babies to examine for changing pigment patterns, and a lot of P. tepidariorum babies I have to upgrade to new containers, and a lot of egg sacs to harvest, and, sadly, a few adults who have died that I’ll clean out and replace with new stock. A busy day of spidering ahead!

Also, one faculty meeting and probably a few students with questions stopping by, so it’s not all spiders.


  1. Stuart Smith says

    A native guy I once worked with told me that if you call a spider and it comes to you, it brings money to your household. He was probably wrong about that, but trying it is low-effort…

  2. kingoftown says

    @Stuart Smith
    Where I’m from we call small spiders “money spiders” and if they land on your clothes it’s supposed to bring good luck or wealth. Not sure if this is an Irish or British thing.

  3. Stuart Smith says

    Isn’t that just the tiny red ones? I thought money-spiders was just that one type, not all small spiders. I wonder if that’s changed since I was a kid, or if I remember wrong, or if it’s a regional thing.

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    kingoftown @2: From my childhood in Yorkshire, I remember ‘money spider’ (very small ones), and ‘attercop’.

  5. morsgotha says

    As calming as the BBC is, why do I get this distinct impression you want to lure me into Shelob’s web professor myers?