Thanks! And good news! But not enough good news.

I’m in a happy place right now, because a lot of you made donations directly to me to pay off the expenses for the Carrier lawsuit, and some of you made very large donations, and that meant I could finally cough up my share of the legal costs. I’m free! Our lawyer, Marc Randazza, is partly paid off! Thank you to everyone who contributed!

However, while that means I met my personal goal thanks to your help, we still have a ways to go. Skepticon, The Orbit, Lauren Lane, Amy Skiba, and Stephanie Zvan are still needing help — and Randazza still needs all of his fees covered — so the GoFundMe for the Defense against Carrier SLAPP Suit is still open and pining for more donations. And I’m not entirely free, because we have a mutual defense pact and none of us are totally off the hook until this account is closed.

We’ve reached one landmark, but we can’t rest until it’s all done. Donate to our defense fund, or donate to Skepticon, it’ll all help sweep this garbage lawsuit into the rubbish bin of history.

Oh, and hey, you’re all going to Skepticon, right? I’ve heard rumors of a spectacularly fun fund-raising event there, which I can’t tell you about, so you’ll have more opportunities to help us out there, if you can (Skepticon is a free event, so you shouldn’t feel obligated if you can’t afford it.) All the cool people will be there. Richard Carrier won’t.


  1. christoph says

    Just a thought, but the next time someone tries to sue you why not file a counter suit? It may give them pause to know they may be liable for damages for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

  2. =8)-DX says

    @christoph Carrier filed the suit in a state without anti-SLAPP provisions for that very reason, thankfully that was also why the suit was dismissed (wrong jurisdiction). =8)-DX

  3. christoph says

    @ =8)-DX, # 2: Thanks, I didn’t realize that. Still, a countersuit might get someone to back off. Kind of like acting aggressively towards a predator to make them think twice about eating you. (Worked for me at least once.)