1. blf says

    Having just finished up nice dinner — albeit not lobster — and then looking at the second site, now I’m hungry again! May you be nibbled to distraction by spiders, or cephalopods, or zebra fishys, or the Elder Ones, whichever one takes a liking to you…

    Actually, I do have some Dublin Bay Prawns (langoustine; that is, Nephrops norvegicus) in the freezer for this weekend… need to get a decent vin blanc first!

  2. paulparnell says

    Is something wrong with the blog? This blog post does not show on the normal blog link. It shows no new post for three days and has stopped counting new replies.

  3. blf says

    paulparnell@3, Eh? This post / thread is listed in the “Recent Posts on FtB” list and “Recent Posts” tab on the right, and on FtB’s main page (see the “Miscellaneous” section); and comments are showing in the “Recent Comments” list (also on the right). Using Firefox 66 on Linux.

  4. larpar says

    All those lobsters on the shirt look pretty equal to me. I see no hierarchy at all.

  5. hemidactylus says

    Hierarchy on a shirt? You kidding? Look at the bowls of butter displayed on the right hand side of Lobsterfest. Pretty sure it’s a bad idea to snorkel off the beach in Maine this time of year, but I’m about to book a flight. Hypothermia be damned. Thems tasty eatin’! I’ll buy butter slabs there.

  6. ridana says

    3-4 No, he’s right. If you come to this site via it takes you to a page with the science hangout post at the top, and the sidebar also reflects that day’s post (with Mano Singham’s war criminals post listed first). The only way to see more recent posts is to click on one of the topics and navigate through the last and next post links, or look at the sidebar from there.

    Another alternative is the main FTB page, but I don’t like how that’s sorted. Or to click on “last 50 posts” but those don’t seem to be listed chronologically, so that’s a pain too.

    I also posted a reply in Crip Dyke’s last post, and its header on her blog list shows 1 reply, but if you read her post, there are no replies visible. So something is wonky. I know Mano had a bit of trouble the other day too, with his posts getting scrambled, but I think he got that sorted.

    (Firefox 62)

  7. ridana says

    Hmm, my formatting for who I was replying to seems to have gotten lost, but I guess it’s clear anyway.

    I just was reading Mano’s blog where I’d also mentioned this, and someone said to hit F5, and then said they no longer had the problem. I tried it, and lo and behold, it works. I thought it would just refresh the page, but it seems to have jiggled something under the hood so that it appears properly on a new page now. ::scratches head::

  8. Oggie. My Favourite Colour is MediOchre says

    Last summer, when I was visiting my parents (soon to be great-grandparents) up in Maine, the discount stores, like Marden’s, had racks of these shirts, socks, windbreakers, etc, in that fabric. The socks were $1.99, the shirts were $2.99.

    Damn. Another great chance missed. I could have bought up all that shit and sold it online at absurd prices.

  9. Sean Boyd says

    I can confirm the same issue as paulparnell and ridana experienced. Pressing F5 on the home page did bring links to more recent articles. However, clicking on a link to go to Pharyngula (including the header graphic at the top of the page), as opposed to a link to a specific Pharyngula article, takes me to the science communication post mentioned above. I’m using Firefox 66.0.1 on Windoze 10 Pro. It’s a strange little thing.

  10. chrislawson says

    It’s weird for an academic to be selling merch based on their own stupid statement that was very publicly shot down by anyone with any knowledge of lobsters, social heirarchies in animals, evolution, or comparative biology. It’s almost like there’s more cash to be made in saying stupid things that pander to alt-right troglodytes and monetizing their rage at being corrected.

  11. blf says

    It’s weird for an academic [sic] to be selling merch based on their own stupid statement…

    Wouldn’t that depend somewhat on the person, and also the context?
    The context, in this case, does make it seem weird, but perhaps not so much the person. Trying to make some money by spreading a thick layer of shite all about the place is not an unknown action of his (as far as I am aware).

  12. ridana says

    @ Sean Boyd: I think you have to refresh on the outdated Pharyngula page (and on any other stuck-in-the-past blog page) to make the correction permanent. That’s the part that puzzles me.