So relieved that she’s not wearing a red uniform

Iliana has joined Star Fleet.

In case you’re wondering where Knut is, his father has been reassigned to different base, and they are currently in transit. Last we heard, he was rampaging (he’s walking now, and is full of energy) across Kentucky and Arkansas, and is probably pulling into San Antonio, Texas today. If you live in those states and heard strange rumblings or felt tremors in the last few days, you probably felt him pass by.


  1. Bruce says

    At first, I questioned the uniform. Then I realized: of course she is in “The Next Generation”. It must be made so.

  2. killyosaur says

    What’s the problem with red? We don’t want her to be a bridge officer? (Science officer makes sense for your family I suppose… :P )

  3. Sean Boyd says

    She’s not wearing her commbadge. That tells me she’s planning some hijinks, and doesn’t want to be tracked by the ship’s computer.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    killyosaur #3
    In TOS, almost all new characters who wore red would be snuffed before the end of the episode.

  5. Ray, rude-ass yankee - One inseparable gemisch says

    AWESOME! I got my kids some shirts, original series style Kirk & Spock when they were around 9 – 10. I don’t remember ever finding infant sized ones when they were the right age for that. I so wish I had!

  6. feministhomemaker says

    We live in SA! Please have him contact us if they need anything! Or just want to make new friends. We’re oldies but love babies!

  7. Matrim says

    In TNG it was the gold shirts who died all the time, so she’s relatively safe regardless of era.