Iliana is working hard at being adorable. So adorable that we just booked our tickets to fly down to Boulder in early December to spend a week in her precious presence.

Meanwhile, Knut is hulking out. They’re moving to San Antonio next month. Are there skyscrapers there? He needs things to climb on and smash.


  1. magistramarla says

    Ok PZ, now your family is stalking mine. First it was the coincidence of your son and my grandson both having the name Alaric. Now it gets even weirder. We have a daughter, her significant other, and two grandsons who live not that far from Boulder.
    And now, Knut and his parents are coming to live near me in San Antonio. Knut will probably love conquering the rides at Sea World and Fiesta Texas. There is a roller coaster based on Superman at Fiesta Texas. Is that sufficient for smashing?
    Seriously, if they need any tips on living in San Antonio from another godless military family, let me know!

  2. says

    #6: My son is 30ish years old, and I doubt that your grandson is that old. Therefore, this is clear evidence that you are stalking me.

  3. Onamission5 says

    According to my search results, Kn-oot or Knewt.
    It is not, to my extreme disappointment, K-nut. Nor is it “noot,” unlike many kn English words, you do say the K.

  4. davidc1 says

    I think it is only the nappy (or diaper for you Americans ) that is holding him down ,seems rather full .

  5. rpjohnston says

    San Antonio…that’s one of the nicer, liberalish Texas towns, isn’t it?

    Not a great association in my mind, though, one of my friends ran off there with a dude twice her age she met on a third-rate Facebook knockoff and transformed from a mushy but well-meaning, decent individual into the kind of Christian troglodyte that posts praise-jesus stories on facebook because the store miraculously wasn’t out of barbacoa when her late bus got her there. Last I talked to her, I got into an argument with a guy she was voting for for mayor – the kind of obamaphone-peddling, birther, conspiracy conservative crook that you all know – and her hubby threatened to kill me, then she blocked me.

    That was years ago, but yeah, stay away from the crazies.

  6. says

    San Antonite here, as mentioned not so many skyscrapers though the buildings are tallish and I’m sure he’ll enjoy kicking them over as the beginning of his reign of terror. And he can drink up the Riverwalk after!