Pangburn going down in flames

Pangburn Philosophy, you know, that guy who has been putting on talks all over the place featuring alt-right heroes, was going to have an event in New York this weekend called A Day of Reflection. It’s been hemorrhaging speakers for quite some time — Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz backed out of it a while back, they couldn’t meet Jordan Peterson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s demands, and then Bari Weiss cancelled. They were reduced to booking actual progressive speakers, like Rebecca Watson and Cara Santa Maria.

Well, now that’s all done.

Apparently, the problem was gross mismanagement: speakers weren’t getting paid, people who bought tickets ($300 for the NYC event!) to events that were cancelled weren’t getting reimbursed, and with that news, you’d have to be nuts to buy a ticket to any Pangburn event, given its odds of getting dropped or its speaker roster changing radically, leaving you holding the bag.

Bye bye, Travis Pangburn. I don’t think we’ll be hearing much of you polluting the skeptic/atheist movement anymore.

Just for the sake of recording this, here is their original announcement for the event:

Notice the featured speakers: Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jordan Peterson, Maajid Nawaz, Glenn Loury, and it was to be held at the Lincoln Center.

Here’s the web page a few minutes ago: they lost all but Loury.

If you look tomorrow, it’ll probably be a blank page, or an error message.


  1. MJKelleher, lurker in the dark says

    Noted further down on the page:

    All Sales are Final. No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Exceptions.

  2. ridana says

    So does that mean I can host an event, get people to buy tickets, cancel the whole thing without doing any actual work or actually paying anyone, and keep all the money, as long as I put on a “no refunds” disclaimer? Sweet!

  3. Clovasaurus says

    …and it looks like it was supposed to be hosted by the simple minded Dave Rubin, but now Matt Dillahunty?!? ….say it ain’t so Matt. Ugh…

  4. jrkrideau says

    Pangburn Philosophy

    I must say, as not someone from the USA, I never heard of him, her or it.

    Sounds like I was fortunate.

  5. ck, the Irate Lump says

    It seems that there is a lot of that going around lately. The Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology conference has had most of their presenters retract their support for the conference after learning that Steve Bannon would be the keynote speaker. Of course, this has resulted in a epic, yet defiant meltdown:

    However the ACE Committee will not back down to the angry anti-free speech mobsters. Although almost all papers were withdrawn because the mobsters mentally violently bullied the authors with threats and black-emails and social media posts, we will still carry on with our Keynote Speech by Mr. Stephen K. Bannon

    It’s interesting that they don’t really try to justify their selection of Bannon. I’m not sure why they picked him unless they think he has some insight based on his prior career ruining MMO games (namely World of Warcraft) by selling in-game currency for real money.