A new science video for Halloween!

Wednesday is Halloween! Yay! My favorite holiday!

Unfortunately, I’ve got a work engagement that’s going to tie me up for a couple of days, so no Halloween for me. Boo.

The good news, though, is that the work is playing with the gang at the Science Museum of Minnesota on a new exhibit! Yay!

The bad news is that I’ll have to neglect the blog for a while. Boo.

The good news is that I scheduled a new evo devo video for tomorrow! It’ll be available at 7am Central time, and you’ll be able to criticize it on YouTube while I’m watching the premiere, which I plan to do before getting in the car and driving to St Paul! Yay, I think?

The bad news is that there are no spiders in this video at all. Boo.

But there are cephalopods! Yay!


  1. formerlyknownas says

    How surprising! I never would have thought someone researching spiders would love halloween!

    (Same here, though – it’s the one originally religious holiday that I enjoy.)

  2. says

    Down here in Texas the Baptists have ‘Fall Festivals’ I guess All Saints Eve is too catholic for them??
    (And if it is, why do they insist on calling that other holiday later in the year by a name that reminds us that it originally* centered on a Mass??

    Apart from Saturnalia etc.

  3. rustiguzzi says

    In the 17th century. here in England, the fact that it had “mas” in the title was indeed one of the reasons the Puritans disliked it so much.

  4. seachange says

    You change between vertically oriented slides and horizontally oriented ones which is great for a classroom but weird to keep on resizing turning my head on a computer monitor.

    The proteins/genes in the rhinocerous beetle slide need a key so we can tell what you’re talking about. You know the abbreviations, we don’t.