Can I vote for Bigfoot?

This is an amusing campaign ad against the Republican in Minnesota’s 3rd district — that’s the big suburban blob on the west side of Minneapolis that looks like it’s trying to eat the city. The district, not Erik Paulsen, who’s much more evasive than that.

Creativity and humor, that’s what we need more of.


  1. says

    I agree that it was very well done.

    Even before they showed the video that Bigfoot captured, the Paulson character in the background as captured by the professional (unblurred) camera was clearly doing the famous Bigfoot-walk, and I knew exactly what we were going to see through Bigfoot’s camera.

    The whole thing was well-scripted, tightly conceived, and focussed on 2 central messages each supporting the same theme. Excellent. I wouldn’t know if I agree with the message, not knowing Paulson, but the thing was excellently done.

  2. voidhawk says

    I can’t say it’s an effective political ad. I don’t know who Erik Paulson is, this ad simply accuses him of being in bed with ‘Big Pharma’ without any kind of proof and says that he’s working to take away healthcare with nothing to show how. By the end of it, I know nothing about Phillips, I don’t even know which, if any party he represents, I don’t know any of his positions, and scary attack ads just make me think that the person creating it is running scared.

    This could have been easily fixed by having Bigfoot mention however much money BP is supposed to have donated to him and maybe flashed up a couple of the bills he’s supported or rejected.

    Have we not learned from Trump? You can’t just keep attacking your opponent (and by the way, giving them more name recognition) without offering a decent alternative.

    From RealClear Politics, I see that polling has Phillips leading by 9 points, you certainly wouldn’t think it from this ad.