Release the bears, Smithers

Trump is currently in the process of thrashing around, wrecking NATO, but next he’s going to be summoned to stand before his master, and I suspect it’ll go a bit like this.

He doesn’t have to worry for long, though — shortly after that he’ll be back in the embrace of his Republican enablers/incompetents/traitors, and all will be well for him again.

In other words, the status quo will be reset at the beginning of next week’s episode.


  1. blf says

    Whilst written in 1984(the year, not the book) about ronaddled raygun installing cruse missiles in the UK, some of the lyrics in Attila the Stockbroker’s Airstrip One (video) seem apropos:

    [… S]ome bloke on the radio is saying things that I’ve heard before
    And he’s going on about Orwell and it’s getting rather a bore
    And out there in the darkness there’s a yankee with a gun
    There’s some choose civilisation and a promise unfulfilled
    And there’s some choose extermination — when it’s someone else who gets killed
    A gesture of insanity and a world left to the crabs
    Five thousand years of history and now they’re up for grabs
    So send that fucking cowboy riding off into the sun
    And send with him the culture of the dollar and the gun

  2. raven says

    Trump is currently in the process of thrashing around, wrecking NATO, …

    Trump is being very stupid here. Again.
    1. He just increased the already huge US defense budget by 10%.
    Evidently, we are facing some major threat that no one can see right now.
    2. And what is NATO?
    Among other things, NATO is a huge force multiplier!!!
    That is what a military alliance is and what it is for.
    With NATO, we have our military, our bases, their militaries, and their bases.
    The EU is larger than the USA in population and resources.
    3. By weakening NATO, he significantly weakens the USA.

    4. He also never learned the lesson of kindergarten.
    Be nice to your friends, or you won’t have any.

  3. Ed Seedhouse says

    Actually I think Donald is a bit more competent than that. Smart enough to carry out his boss’s instructions, but stupid and greedy enough not to care a whit about his country.

  4. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    I’ve begun calling “45” a sabot which was used by protestors to throw into mills and grind them to a halt. This earned the protestors the name saboteurs. Fits pretty well with what I see, that “45” being such a moron, incompetent at everything and makes deliberately wrong choices, must be the idiot that someone, named Putin, threw into our system to grind it to a halt. (i wonder why)
    I know I’m diving into this metaphor too deeply. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    thank you for reading

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    sabot translates to “shoe” (of the wooden type)

    1. a kind of simple shoe, shaped and hollowed out from a single block of wood, traditionally worn by French and Breton peasants.

  6. Saad says

    Ichthyic, #1

    americans could cancel this show, if they really wanted to.

    OMG incivility!

  7. Ichthyic says

    Evidently, we are facing some major threat that no one can see right now.


    1. align with traditional NATO enemies
    2. take a dump on NATO and traditional allies
    3. make it look to all the world that he’s trying to build a 4th reich

    I’d say he’s planning for a future where the US is at war. with everybody.

    you gonna stop him before that happens, or end up being complicit?

  8. Ichthyic says

    OMG incivility!


    yup, if you aren’t bracing yourselves for skinned knuckles, your’e doing it wrong at this point.

    these asshats are not going down without a fight. The midterms, HOWEVER they go, will not change this.

  9. Saad says

    Ichthyic, #9

    And they never have any real argument behind their cries of civility either. Here’s a recent example over at Mano’s blog I just saw.

    It’s always just a vague made up scenario of if you’re not nice to the people being extremely mean to you, things will be worse so it’ll be your fault!