Why is our government such a mess?

Partly because it is staffed with unrelenting idiots like Nathan Dahm. The Oklahoma senator has filed a bill, Senate Bill 1457, which…well, read it for yourself.

All wildlife in Oklahoma is to be the property of an imaginary being. This could be great news for poachers, who can always insist on waiting for the legitimate owner of the game they shoot to place a formal claim against them. Or that they got approval in their heads from their deity to go hunting.


  1. Greta Samsa says

    Didn’t God give all those animals to us for safekeeping? They’ll be furious, no doubt, that we’re passing the bucks.

  2. says

    If the wildlife are the property of God, then how do the “people of the state of Oklahoma” have any authority over it? Hell, I could come up with a few bible quotes to back that up, but they can’t even be bothered. Lazy fucks.

  3. Nemo says

    It’s also not very grammatical. Possibly he doesn’t understand the word “pursuant”.

    But I don’t really object to the concept of animals being the property of God — fictional though he be — because I think the legal functioning of the passage is unchanged, and if anything, contemplating the concept of animals belonging to God might lead some of the pious to treat them with more respect. Which, in this case, I’ll take over strict accuracy, or the generally laudable goal of keeping God out of government.

  4. pita says

    Um why is it not effective for another 10 months? Gotta build in implementation time to turn over all animals to God? What lead time do you need for this?

  5. DrewN says

    I don’t see a reason we can’t compromise on this. God can own all the dragons, unicorns & basalisks in Oklahoma. And all the actual animals that exist can be managed by people who actually exist.

  6. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin is entirely in favour of this. She is the Grand Supreme Generalissimo for Entirety of All The Mulitiverses (shortened form of the full title) and hence has authority over all sky faeries, real and imagined. Therefore, she owns — or at least yells at — all wildlife, including the pesky long pigs. This act confirms her rants are not to be ignored.

    She’s currently annoyed at Oklahoma long pigs for a variety of reasons, including: They tend to have too much fat to be a healthy diet for lions, and also don’t grow any interesting cheeses.

  7. blf says

    I thought [Oklahoma] was a fictional country from the Wizard of Oz

    It was, in the first draft. Then L Frank Baum realised it was too absurd and detracted from the story.