I need to get to know more Degenerate Lesbian Jews

Do you remember Janis Ian? I mainly recall her one hit song, “At Seventeen”, but as it turns out she’s also an advocate for LGBT rights and is a science fiction author. Sounds like the kind of person I could get along with.

Unfortunately, some people have a different opinion, like the schmuck who wrote a screed titled Degenerate Lesbian Jew Singer Janis Ian Blasts Trump for Not Inviting His Enemies to WH Party. He’s mad because she criticizes Trump openly…another plus mark for Ian. Our schmuck, though…you should read his interpretation of “At Seventeen”.

Wikipedia reminds those who have forgotten that when Janis Ian was 14 in 1965 she had a hit song promoting the idea that white girls should be having sex with Negro males.

Actually, Janis Ian (born Janis FINK) eventually came to realize it wasn’t males that caught her eye, but females. She herself never married a Negro, although she did marry a white man before ending that marriage and “marrying” a woman.

As is central to the Jewish temperament, she’s not happy unless she’s being critical, while acting holier-than-thou.

In short, she’s a disgusting animal who would inspire any “Nazi” to scream, “Gas the kikes!”

Janis Ian’s response is wonderful. I think Degenerate Lesbian Jews must be very nice people, but shrieking white racist Nazis, not so much.


  1. Jack Krebs says

    FWIW, I’m a Janis Ian fan, for both her music and her activism. She’s done much more music, and much more mature music, since her early days, and she’s been a champion of artists rights in respect to record companies as well as her LGBT work.

  2. Don Quijote says

    And her face book post is also in Spanish, so that should be Spanish Speaking Degenerate Lesbian Jew. ¡Vaya!

  3. birgerjohansson says

    BTW do degenerate lesbian jews also have the superpower to cause boobquakes?
    Or does she only have the jewish superpower of…I dunno…collect all her jewish-y Chi in one finger and blow up people’s heads by pointing at them?
    Goddammit, i want girlfriends like that!

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Hmmm…crypto-Mexican Jewish lesbians are attacking! We now have the outline of a B film. Throw in David and his aliens and we have a blockbuster.

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Don Quijote, do not forget that Jewish lesbians have cupachabras as pets. Go, Janis!

  6. vavmonster says

    The schmuck doesn’t even get the song right. “At Seventeen” is a “…commentary on society’s beauty standards, adolescent cruelty, the illusion of popularity, and teenage angst…” (per wikipedia.) “Society’s Child” is about interracial romance.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    vavmonster, your comment is merely “true”.
    You do not comprehend the sublime “truthiness” (to use a term invented by Stephen Colbert) of schmuck’s statement. The statement may not be “true” but it ‘ought’ to be. Therefore it is more than just “true”.

  8. vole says

    I’m another long-standing Janis fan. Where do I get my “Proud to be a Degenerate Lesbian Jew” T-shirt? It wouldn’t be accurate (except maybe the “degenerate” part) but that won’t bother me.

  9. says

    Degenerate Lesbian Jews sounds like a hell of a punk band. What’s better for a first single? “Christ Killing Blues”? “Scissor Me’ Timbers”? “Generation Degeneration”?

    Hmm. Maybe just an all-woman cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”.

  10. woozy says

    The schmuck doesn’t even get the song right. “At Seventeen” is a “…commentary on society’s beauty standards, adolescent cruelty, the illusion of popularity, and teenage angst…” (per wikipedia.) “Society’s Child” is about interracial romance.

    Actually, I’m sorry to say that was PZ who confused the two. The Nazi did not name the song but cited Wikipedia directly.

  11. leerudolph says

    woozy@13: Speaking of citing Wikipedia directly, this paragraph therefrom is interesting (in what has come to be a familiar and appalling way):

    At age 16, Ian met comedian Bill Cosby backstage at a Smothers Brothers show where she was promoting Society’s Child. Since Ian was underage, she was accompanied by a chaperon while touring. After her set, she had been sleeping with her head on her chaperon’s lap (an older female family friend). Cosby interpreted their interaction as “lesbian” and is alleged to have warned other television shows that Ian was “not suitable family entertainment” and “shouldn’t be on television” because of her sexuality, thus attempting to blacklist her.[6][7][8] Although Ian would later come out as lesbian, she states that at the time of the encounter with Cosby she had only been kissed once, in broad daylight at summer camp.

    Luckily for me, though I remember Society’s Child from the radio, I never saw, heard, or read any of Cosby’s oeuvre (and didn’t watch the Smothers Brothers either—my loss), so I haven’t had to recalibrate any fondness for him these last few years, as so many people I know and like have had to: this sounds just like (what has turned out to be) the real him.

  12. aziraphale says

    Thank you for reminding me of Janis Ian. Lovely. I don’t think I ever heard “Society’s Child”, maybe it wasn’t as big in the UK.

  13. The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge says

    Society’s Child and At Seventeen were good, but nothing beats Stars. When you’re 21 or 22 and have been going through the showbiz meat grinder for 7 or 8 years….

  14. susans says

    On her Facebook page, she posts Godzilla haikus, with illustrations. And descriptions of very funny conversations with her wife. Hilarious woman.

  15. zenlike says

    I know I shouldn’t expect any intellect from an actual nazi, but he seems to believe white people are a “species”.

  16. says

    I was delighted to read Janis Ian’s commentary on Chet Atkins. I’ve always enjoyed his music and it was good to hear that he was a decent guy as well. Like Ian initially did, I may have assumed that (being a Southerner) he may have been less enlightened in his viewpoints. I have to remind myself that not all Southerners are like Roy Moore.

    The Wikipedia article was also revealing. I was never a Bill Cosby fan and this confirmed that he has always been a creep (quite apart from being a serial rapist).

  17. unclefrogy says

    cosby succeeded in direct proportion to how basically conventional he was and as has been born-out by his conventional morality and classic fall from grace.

    Janis Ian is one of those voices from my youth that help me confront reality with some degree of grace and poise

    uncle frogy

  18. woozy says

    “so I haven’t had to recalibrate any fondness for him [Bill Cosby] these last few years, as so many people I know and like have had to”

    Meh, it’s not that hard. I was a big fan of his comedy when I has a teenager. And I think objectively his comedy is still every bit as a good. Being funny doesn’t mean you are good guy, and there’s no law that says a rapist can’t tell a good joke.

    Come to think of it, there’s no reason a comedian *should* be a nice guy. Cosby’s comedy was that of a guy at odds not quite understanding the world. It wasn’t the pointed wry observation of a deep person noting the subtleties of existence. It was that broad goofy comedy of a guy not understanding subtleties and insisting because he didn’t understand them they can’t really exist. Which… is a guy who may make me chuckle but not one I want to *like*.

    So, meh, forty years ago a rapist made me laugh. I can calibrate my life and live with that.

    Meanwhile… Janis Ian. I regret to say she had never been on my radar. I had heard of Seventeen and it was a touching and memorable song but not in the fore for me. And I hadn’t heard any of the others. My loss. She seems a smart and witty person and I’m sorry I hadn’t been more aware of her.

    And, shit, Nazis and their surety in themselves really are depressing.

  19. Knabb says

    @zenlike, 20
    He also seems to think that making calls for killing Jews in gas chambers coexists with being a “Nazi” and not just a Nazi. If anything the rhetorical skills are worse than the logical ones.

  20. Tethys says

    Janis Ian’s entire album ‘Between the Lines’ is wonderful music. It’s been a favorite since it came out in 1975, and I enjoy her Godzilla haiku’s on FB too. According to Wiki, she performed her hit single ‘At Seventeen’ on the very first episode of SNL. The song ‘Bright Lights And Promises’ was obviously missed by Mr. Nazi. “over-used and much abused, promises of delight. Honey would you care to spend the night?”

  21. The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge says

    Is entartete “degenerate” going to be their new term of abuse? They’d better be careful–the Nazis’ exhibit of Entartete Kunst was the most popular art exhibit ever up to that time….

  22. notruescott says

    …not happy unless (s)he’s being critical, while acting holier-than-thou.

    Not a very self-aware nazi. He just sprained my irony meter.

  23. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    BTW do degenerate lesbian jews also have the superpower to cause boobquakes?

    No, but they all give the same value of energy upon measurement :)

  24. vole says

    @18 Yes, “Stars” is good, but “Present Company” is my favourite. “Between the Lines” had some good wallowing music for when I was getting divorced some years ago e.g. “Tea and Sympathy”. Another song that means a lot to me is “Under the Covers” – “under the covers is where you discover if your man is whole”. The kind of lyrics we degenerate lesbian Jews appreciate.

  25. says

    Having an interracial couple as parents Society’s Child made a big impression on me. it still angers me and makes me cry.

    Preachers of equality, think they believe it, then why won’t they just let us be?

  26. methuseus says

    At the end of the idiot’s “article” he posted a picture of Janis and Patricia, asking “are you guys jealous?” I thought “Yes, I’m jealous. I want a relationship like that.” But then I realized I have one where my wife loves me and I love her, so it just changed to think of how sweet they look together. Just because I’m not jealous doesn’t mean I think it’s a great picture though.