Chasing those sweet, sweet Dave Rubin dollars

It seems some in the atheist movement are casting an envious eye on the money to be made by pandering to the alt-right crowd. They’re easily spotted — they’re the ones protesting that they really are liberals (usually with a “classical” or “neo” as a prefix, or a ” but” as a permanently attached suffix), while they spend all their effort on chastising Leftists or Black Lives Matter activists or Progressives or anyone who is fucking pissed off at the state of the country, and ignoring Nazis and white nationalists to complain that the people who consider the treatment of black folk to be discriminatory and historically and currently oppressive are the real racists. I just wish they’d be honest and recognize that they’re aligning themselves in favor of Nazis in the name of Free Speech, while working hard against progressives, because they shouldn’ta oughtnota say them there things.

The latest repeat offender in this game is Dave Smalley, who has written another of his one-sentence-per-paragraph declarative jeremiads. How dare The Left call Ben Carson a “white supremacist”? (no attribution given). How dare The Left call Gad Saad a “Nazi”? (no attribution given). How dare a Black Lives Matter activist tell white people “Get your own damn people, and tell them to stop being racists!” (no attribution given). And then he says, Is this not prejudiced? Is this not discrimination? Is this not segregation?, only a few sentences/paragraphs later to piously declare, I didn’t call her names. I’m not labeling her as a racist. She’s just toxic. That’s better. No name calling here, no sir!

Gah. The hypocrisy and dishonesty are infuriating. Could all you guys just admit that you’re right-leaning and that you use the claim that you’re a centrist as an excuse? (While failing to note that the American version of the “center” is somewhere close to fascism everywhere else in the world.) I prefer a straightforward wingnut to these chickenshits who like to pretend they’re liberal.

Anyway, I’m not going to delve into a sentence by sentence deconstruction of this foolish sucking up to delusional deplorables since, fortunately, the Utah Outcasts did a great job taking it apart.

I’m just going to remind you all that the people who protest the loudest that they aren’t really Nazis are the ones who enable the Nazis, and all too often are hiding the fact that they identify with and sympathize with Nazis more than they do progressives. If you have to whine and cry and repeat over and over again that no, you aren’t conservative, no, you’re not on the same side with white supremacists, you might want to ask yourself why so many people that you claim to be allies with are thinking that.

That’s gonna leave a mark. Here’s another post ripping into Smalley.


  1. starfleetdude says

    Speaking of identifying with Nazis, this story came out earlier today.

    Meet the Dallas Bartender Who Kicked Milo Yiannopoulos and Some Neo-Nazis Out of Her Bar

    Usually when someone sings at the bar without the help of the karaoke machine, they sing something familiar, like a show-tune, Perry says. “We had no idea what was about to happen. They started ‘America the Beautiful,’ and I looked at my co-workers and said ‘This is odd,'” Perry says. “Then all of the sudden, halfway through the song, I see, from behind the stage, about 15 arms go up in the salute.”

    Perry says she lost it and rushed the stage, grabbing the microphone from Yiannopoulos just as the song, and video clip, ended. “I said ‘Get the fuck out. You are not welcome here, at all,'” Perry says. “I was yelling at them, and, I remember this distinctly, they all came around me on the stage and were yelling things. Some were shouting ‘Trump, Trump, Trump,’ at that point it started to hit me who these people were, and then they started saying ‘Make America Great Again.’ Then I had people get in my face, it might have been Milo because he didn’t immediately go outside, he was kind of getting them aroused, and they were saying ‘Make America White Again.'”

  2. says

    The hypocrisy and dishonesty are infuriating.

    Yeah, I replied to him on Twitter noting it was another “Do as I say, not as I do” post from him. His point wasn’t necessarily a bad point. From what I recall of the post (I read it the day it came out, which was 2 or 3 days ago now), he was essentially saying he tends to ignore our arguments if we use what he considers to be hyperbolic language. OK, I can believe that. What bothered me most is that he starts this damn post chastising us if we don’t read his argument in full. That’s how I saw it as a “Do as I say, not as I do” post. It’s OK for him to ignore our full arguments if we call people Nazis, rapists, misogynists, white supremacists, etc, but we better not dare ignore his full argument! The other thing that bothers me is that he similarly ignores the catch-22 we face. As I suggested, I can agree that people may ignore us if we use such language (Smalley has presented himself as such an example), but avoiding such language altogether could have a different effect in that our arguments may also not be taken seriously if we aren’t using such language. E.g, “Oh, Ben Carson isn’t a white supremacist? He’s just “toxic”? What’s the issue then”?

  3. Ichthyic says

    (usually with a “classical” or “neo” as a prefix,

    uh, that makes them the polar OPPOSITE of what liberal actually means.

    neoliberals are essentially what the modern GoP is composed of.

    you could boil down all of neoliberalism to :

    ignorant narcissism

    and not be far wrong.

  4. Ichthyic says

    …and the ones that call themselves “classic” liberals are inevitably libertarians. again, not liberal.

  5. emergence says

    So, how do we deal with this? How do we get nominal progressives to realize that they’re enabling right wing extremists?

  6. emergence says

    Expanding on that last point, the second article mentions that there are apparently figures in Hollywood, academia, the tech industry, government, etc. that are sympathetic to the alt right. That article featured in the “chocolate ritual” post mentioned how the Nazis were planning on being “secret agents”; they would pretend to be progressive so they can get jobs in positions of authority. Then they would start hiring other Nazis and imposing racist beliefs into the organization they work for.

    I think that progressives might need to start a campaign to ferret out white supremacists and other bigots from important institutions and get them fired. Does anyone else have any ideas for how we could counteract any sort of attempted takeover of society by white supremacists?