Needs more panels. Maybe the artist ran out of red ink?

The evolutionist drifts, seemingly unknowing, from the safety of his herd.

The creationists pounce. Gabble gabble, they squawk. Jesus luvs you, gibber gabber!

The evolutionist cowers down, trembling. The creationists converge avidly on the isolated scientist.

But wait, what’s this? As the mob surrounds him, there is a cruel glint in the eye of their solitary victim — a slowly growing grin, exposing canines like needles, incisors like razors, long rows of jagged splintery back teeth. Claws emerge from their sheaths, and keep emerging, long as sabers. The evolutionist laughs a harsh, triumphant laugh and leaps up, whirling and gnashing and slashing. A half dozen creationists fall with deep gushing wounds, and the rest run away squealing.

Dinner time.

I don’t know why the cartoonist failed to include a few more panels that would have shown the fun stuff.


  1. Ed Seedhouse says

    Since we can evolve the creationists, who can’t, really don’t stand a chance, do they? Although evolving the right solution might, admittedly, take a while.

  2. robert79 says

    Well, they’ve only had 6000 years or so, that’s not nearly enough time to evolve defenses against people who have been evolving for millions of years!

  3. Gregory Greenwood says

    Evolution allows for fancy tricks like predatory species that disguise themselves or parts of their bodies as prey items for creatures lower on the food chain – just look at Anglerfish.

    This is what happens when you put yourself at a competitive disadvantage by refusing to adapt – sooner or later you wind up as someone’s lunch, either literally or figuratively…