This image is so disturbing — I don’t know whether to be repelled or aroused. Most of you will be screaming “REPELLED! REPELLED!” so I’ll put it below the fold.

Anyone else’s brain totally confused? Just me? OK.


  1. says

    That would give kissing and, uh, other things a new dimension. :D I expect it has a ‘freak people out’ component because cold sores and the like.

  2. says

    Isilzha Mir:

    I feel about the same way as I did watching Laliari and Fred make out in Galaxy Quest.

    That was a grand scene! Oooh baby, wrap me in tentacles…

  3. unperson says

    I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be some sort of cephalopod-person or the effects of some sort of horrible herpes virus. Or both.

  4. says


    There’s also a trypophobia element to it.

    I had to look that up. Huh. I’m always surprised by the things people get scared by.

  5. The Mellow Monkey says

    I just keep thinking about what it would feel like if it were real. Want to poke.

  6. emergence says

    Any way you could use these is going to end with someone stuck to someone else in a compromising position.

    Caine @10

    If you google trypophobia, it’s mostly about clustered holes in flesh. I suspect that Surinam toads might be partially to blame. Also, botflies.

  7. says

    It’s missing a dozen randomly place eyeballs.

    You could probably run it through Deep Dreamer and get those eyeballs and a few puppy noses besides.

  8. Dust Duster says

    Long time lurker very rare poster but I felt I could add my $0.02 here.
    I experience what is probably a weak response to this thing called trypophobia.
    I would say it’s not so much a phobia as a sensitivity responding with a skin crawling heeby-jeebys creepy kind of response. Not fear as in phobia…just ick. What’s a medical term for that kind of sensitivity but not fear?

  9. madtom1999 says

    We had this done to our kids so we could stick them to the windows while cleaning the room,