1. Raucous Indignation says

    For a second there when I read the title, I thought you had gotten hold of a picture of me from my rowing days.

  2. bonzaikitten says

    It looks so soft and cuddly. There MUST be a market for giant moth plushies, somewhere!

  3. Alt-X says

    Love Moths! Ever since I read a short horror story called The Collector by J.B. Stamper as a kid (A kid collects Moths and pins them – he keeps getting warned Moths remember who kill them, until one day a giant moth comes and pins him) I’ve had a fascination/respect for them hehe. When I visited Hong Kong a few years ago, I took a photo of a Moth on the side of a building, it was amazing, it was about the size of your out stretched hand. Giant!

  4. davidnangle says

    Working third shift in a warehouse in Bedford, Massachusetts, I sometimes saw moths come through the shipping doors that convinced me there was a magical portal to the Amazon basin in Bedford. Those moths as big as your hand looked like a rag just decided to flap around until it flew away.