That was quick

The Mooch has been fired. He only lasted 10 days on the job. He didn’t even make it to the opening show of SNL!

Poor guy. He missed the birth of his child to hang out with Trump, his wife is divorcing him for tying his ambitions to Trump, and now Trump has kicked him to the curb. I’m almost feeling some sympathy for him.

So who’s next? Next to be communications director, next to be fired, next to be impeached?


  1. leskimopie says

    I only hire the best people…he was only on the job for 10 days and directed all the communication already, just the best.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Today is also the 100th anniversary of the (beginning of) the battle of Passchendale. It was to the British what Verdun was to the French.
    There might be some symbolism here, but I am not sure of exactly what.
    Useless leaders?
    Short life expectancy?
    Fireworks and mud everywhere?

  3. michaelvieths says

    My first reaction was, ‘That has to be a record’, but I’m not even sure about that after the past 6 months.

  4. says

    With all apologies to Freddie Mercury:

    I see a little pathetic bitter man
    Scaramucci, Scaramucci, full of testosterone
    Dunderheads infighting, very delighting me

  5. sc_2aae37f42b8d3d400582abeae6e6cbcf says

    He didn’t MISS his son’s birth: he SKIPPED it.

  6. woozy says

    I’m almost feeling some sympathy for him.

    Um… no.

    His wife filing for divorce over his Trumpish ambitions and pursuing and accepting the job *anyway* was his choice and missing the birth of his child in order to stand with Trump as he makes a spectacle of himself in front of the Boy Scouts was either also his choice or a direct result of his earlier choice.

    As for being tossed to the curb after blind loyalty… I will never feel sympathy for anyone who sleeps with a scuz like Trump and gets squashed in the process. Trump is a capricious scuz and it should be clearly visible to all.

    Much as I hate Trump, lately I’m finding those who are attracted to him and who admire his foulness to be far more deranged, loathsome, and revolting.

  7. archangelospumoni says

    Looks like maybe the work of the 4-star Marine general who is the new chief of staff, but WHAT can said general do about Drumpfh? The fish rots from the head first. Seriously–the general has spent his whole military time dealing with people who were aware at least marginally of things called “rules” and various standards of decorum.
    I have to respect the general but . . . .

  8. cartomancer says

    Who’s going to be the next Communications Director?

    Alex Jones? Milo Yiannopoulos? Grima Wormtongue? The rotting corpse of Roger Ailes operated with sticks and strings? A photograph of Ronald Reagan stuck on the top of a broom handle?

  9. says

    I saw this story headlined on a TV as breaking news, and just laughed and laughed. It’s like Trump has run out of sycophants who can even pretend in front of the cameras that they are actually competent while we aren’t looking.

    (On the other hand, is that really a bad thing? People who are able to pretend, falsely, to be competent are all over both parties, and it would be nice if they were unmasked with greater regularity.)

  10. zibble says

    You know those ridiculous flatly-written villains, the kind you see in comic books and kids’ cartoons and campy Bond movies? The kind that are so one-dimensionally loathsome that they’ll murder their own henchmen for the slightest transgression? Did you ever wonder how those evil villains keep managing to attract new hires to replace all the loyal henchmen who were dropped into flaming pits just because Dr. Evil was having a tantrum?

    The Trump administration has gone a long way towards legitimizing the hackneyed portrayal of one-dimensional evil, it seems.

  11. Alt-X says

    bwahaha what a shit show! Trumps been banging on all month about loyalty, the fool misses his own child’s birth for the Drumpf, then gets fired anyway. Seriously, you couldn’t write this stuff, you’d be told off for being unrealistic.

  12. says

    @#20, zibble

    The Trump administration has gone a long way towards legitimizing the hackneyed portrayal of one-dimensional evil, it seems.

    This isn’t new to Trump.

    When I was younger, but a bit too old to be watching cartoons, I started to notice a trope in certain cartoons. Here’s how it goes:

    The structure of the series is such that there is a hero or heroes, and a villain or villains. The introductory episode makes it clear that the villains are not only long-time opponents of the hero(es) but that they are, in some basic way, absolutely incompatible with ordinary decency. (They want to eat babies, or blow up the planet, or are literally in league with demonic beings. Something like that which is shorthand for “these are not merely misguided people but actually bad guys who must be stopped”.) So in addition to what happens in the show every week, the backstory makes it clear that the villains have been villain-ing for months or years or even centuries.

    So… in episode X, the villains suddenly start being… good! They’re nice and friendly, and instead of trying to blast innocent bystanders with laser cannons or bulldoze their houses (or whatever), they’re giving away cookies and performing medical care for free and rescuing cats from trees. The heroes — who, keep in mind, have been hero-ing for quite a while by this point, although sometimes the villains have been around for longer than the heroes — are suspicious. The populace turns on the heroes, sometimes because the heroes are framed for a crime, sometimes because the villains do something nice while the heroes have a false appearance of doing something terrible, sometimes just because the cookies which the villains were giving away were so good that nobody can believe anyone who gave away such a thing can possibly be evil and therefore the heroes are slanderous and must be evil.

    Of course, in the latter part of the episode, it turns out that the villains were faking it. Their goons injured the people they were giving medical care, they chased the cats up trees in the first place, and the cookies were stolen from a nice old granny lady who loves to bake. The heroes get proof of this, and manage to unmask the villains just in time to stop them from carrying out some sort of plan which required a good reputation.

    Saw that plot at least 4 times. At the time, I thought it was stupid because it was so implausible. In the last decade, I have realized that it’s totally realistic for at least three quarters of the American populace. (The Republicans as a whole on issues in general, the Democrats as a whole in a variety of specific ways, such as drone bombing, and essentially every single national-level politician on at least one issue, which varies from one to another.) My fellow countrymen can’t tell when they’re being duped, no matter how obvious the setup is or how vital the issue may be.

  13. numerobis says

    Ah yes, I remember now how the Obama administration was just the same as Trump. Thanks Vicar for reminding us.

  14. mamba says

    The guy chose to skip his own child’s birth in order to suck up to Trump.

    Anyone who’s that self-absorbed a suckhole, I can’t feel sorry for at all.

    His wife’s divorcing him over Trump support? I’m sure missing their own kid’s birth to be with Trump was a factor there…

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being…no wonder Trump liked him.

  15. blf says

    Thanks Vicar for reminding us.

    Indeed, I’d forgotten how a broken record skips and distorts and replays and eventually damages the needle.

  16. blgmnts says

    @20 The Vicar
    I remember this plot line unfavourably: I always saw it as basically Cold War propaganda for “Never trust the Russians even when they are nice”. I hate it!

    Of course, when the Iron Curtain had holes the size of embassies and countries rusted into it and the Berlin Wall came down, politicians where exasperated: Mr. Gorbachev had torn down that wall. Oooops!

  17. numerobis says

    mamba@24: I’m hearing rumours that he skipped not just the birth, but he didn’t even see his wife and their newborn for *four days* around then.

    A friend’s dad was extremely bitter at the Air Force for doing that to him. Drafting him to work the DEW line during Vietnam was one thing, annoying but whatever. Not letting him be at the birth — that made him apply regulations to the letter (e.g. “Oh, regulation says you need X people and we have X-1. We’re shutting down the early-warning radar. Better hope the soviets don’t come before you fly in a soldier.”)

  18. Holms says

    #23 #25
    I see no indication that Vicar believes that; your evaluation of his position seems to be a drastic over-interpretation of the parenthetical in his #18.

  19. thirdmill says

    Dear Mr. Trump: I’d like a job at the White House. I’m completely unqualified, but so is everyone else working there, so I’d fit right in.

  20. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    No one has ever associated with DJT and come out the better for it. Look what he did for Atlantic City, NJ.

    And loyalty? You want loyalty? If he’d really been loyal he’d not only have skipped the birth, but also the conception!