John McCain’s last chance for honor

He’s screwed it up so many times before. He likes to pretend he’s a “maverick”, but somehow he’s always supported the conservative status quo, and has always betrayed any sense of principle. This is the man who took on Sarah Palin as his running mate in a failed attempt at the presidency. He is just generally a screw-up.

And now he’s mortally ill with cancer. Heroically, he’s flying back to Washington DC to cast a vote on a health care bill that no one has seen, that no one will be allowed to see, that given Mitch McConnell’s history of promoting selfish, evil tax-cuts-for-the-rich bills under the guise of “health care” is certainly pure poison.

We don’t know how McCain is going to vote.

He’s voting with zero information, so he ought to reject it out of hand, as all the senators should. There’s a principle at stake here, but given what I’ve seen of McCain, I think that means he’ll run away from responsibility, vote yes, and then allow the sycophants to tell him how brave he was to leave his cancer treatments to vote to deny millions of people cancer treatments.

He’s got one chance to go out on a high note. It won’t change his legacy, but he’ll exhibit one tiny scrap of conscience.

I expect he’ll fuck it up. He’s John McCain.


  1. tulse says

    What has McCain ever done that is actually “mavericky”? He’s sometimes been more hawkish than the rest of the GOP, but other than that, he’s pretty much followed the party line. And he gave us Sarah Palin, which is unforgivable. And he’s happy to shill for the guy who regularly insulted him. I just don’t get this ridiculous reputation he has.

  2. tomh says

    He sometimes talks like a “maverick,” but he’s a reliable, party-line voter. He’s likely be the same today.

  3. trevorn says

    Of course he’s voting “yes”. He could stay at home if he wants to be a “no”.
    What’s happening here is the leadership are bringing him back to Washington to guilt-trip all the hangouts.

  4. says

    the leadership are bringing him back to Washington to guilt-trip all the hangouts.

    “guilt”? What is that word? Have you forgotten who you’re talking about?

  5. brendanfromaus says

    grossly unfair, he faught against his own party on torture. he is one of the few republicans who has kept his dignity!

  6. tulse says

    he is one of the few republicans who has kept his dignity!

    It’s dignified to endorse the man who gravely insulted his time as a prisoner of war? It’s dignified to choose a dangerous clown for a running mate?

    And we’re supposed to think he’s great because he opposed torture?

  7. Siobhan says


    he is one of the few republicans who has kept his dignity!

    There are no moderate Republicans.

    There is no Tea Party.

    There’s just the Republican party.

  8. HappyNat says

    Well . . . he was a maverick in voting against Martin Luther King Jr. day being a national Holiday. Breaking with many republicans. He is so mavericky her can out racist some republicans.

  9. thirdmill says

    If Trump were caught selling Putin our nuclear launch codes, congressional Republicans would say “this is very troubling” and then do absolutely nothing about it. Including McCain.

  10. David Marjanović says

    McCain is the man who keeps saying the right things and keeps voting for the wrong things.

  11. says

    Sure we know how McCain is going to vote. He’s going to vote yes. The Republican leadership wouldn’t have been begging him to find a way to come back to Washington if they didn’t know exactly how he was going to vote.

  12. Raucous Indignation says

    He and his wife are very wealthy. He at least knows that he’ll have a handsome tax cut is his last few years if he votes Yes.

  13. says

    He’s calling for a return to regular order (if this fails, as he says he expects it will), while lying about the process of passing the ACA. Of course, this would have been easier had he voted No today.

  14. weylguy says

    Does a senator have to be present ot cast his/her vote? I ask this because St. McCain could simply drop a health care bomb on the American people from his hospital bed, just as easily as he dropped bombs on Vietnamese villagers from 20,000 feet in the 1960s.

  15. busterggi says

    I knew exactly how he’d vote and I was right – the opener of the way for Caribou Barbie couldn’t have done anything else.

  16. handsomemrtoad says

    RE: “last chance for honor”


    She offered her honor;
    He honored her offer,
    And all through the night, he was on her and off her and on her and off her.

    2. A poem by Richard Lovelace (1618-1658) includes the line: “I could not love thee, dear, so much, loved I not honour more.” I actually do know a woman named Honor Moore! No fooling:

  17. David Marjanović says

    In the depth of night, an hour before Trumprise, McCain turned around and saved Obamacare. “Such is life in Washington today, where up is down, black is white, losing is winning, and covfefe is covfefe.”