I could add a few things to this list

You ever have that feeling that you’ve totally screwed up the planet for your kids? Or worse, that your kids are going to finish the job for you? Check out Things I’m afraid my daughter will be doing in 2026. There are a few items there I worry about.

I’m kinda concerned that she might end up an executive at Amazoogle and send the machines out to get me, too.


  1. A. Noyd says

    I’ll take any of these futures over the dream I had the other night where we didn’t even make it to 2026 because global warming accelerated so much faster than predicted that we all perished when lava suddenly covered the entire surface of the earth, and I had to choose between letting the lava rise up around me or throwing my whole body into it and hoping for a few seconds quicker death.

    Yes, I know my dream was even less scientifically accurate than a Hollywood movie, but I don’t want anything even close to that happening!