You could hurt somebody with that much projection, fella

Wow. This is Eric Trump on Hannity, explaining how the Democrats have no morality — they aren’t even people — while defending his virtuous pussy-grabbing father.

Well, I guess Eric is supposed to be the dumb one…oh, wait, or is it supposed to be Donald Jr.? When the intelligence scale is jittering down somewhere around the floor, it sometimes gets hard to tell.


  1. robro says

    Eight seconds. That’s plenty of Fox/Hannity/Eric. He’s complaining about their “hatred” but “to me their not even people”? “Fuck you” is the only response I can think of. I don’t know…and don’t care…if he’s dumb, but he is a dick. Runs in the family.

  2. jrkrideau says

    I thought Eric Trump’s opening remarks were very true until I realized he was not talking about the Donald Trump and the Republicans.

  3. says

    P.Z. – FYI, your post links in Mastodon are being dropped in sans any sort of ‘content warning’ masking. The protocol there is to use a mask for NSFW or Politics or other possibly ‘triggering’ posts. Just thought I would mention it, although I am unsure how to make that work given that you are probably just auto-tweeting and mirroring that to Mastodon…

  4. rietpluim says

    I can live with the idea that there are people so vile and stupid.
    What I cannot live with, is that they are so wealthy and influential while better people are not.

    Fuck ’em is the only sane response.

  5. Larry says

    In titles such as the one above, “The Trump Organization”, I always see it as “The Trump Outfit”, as in the Chicago Outfit, as in Al Capone, as in organized crime.

    I wonder why that is.

  6. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    “apples don’t fall far from the tree”

  7. cherbear says

    Utterly and completely disgusting human beings, the whole lot of Trumpsters. See, Trumpsters ARE human, just terrible ones.

  8. Matt Cramp says

    “Not even people” is one of those phrases to back away from.

    If you can loosen your basic empathy towards other humans enough so that they’re not really people, why, you could do anything to them. You could hunt them, ruin their careers. You could round them up. You could put them in camps. You could kill them by the thousands.

    No-one tells the camp counsellors they should spend some time learning what Jason Vorhees wants, and maybe that’ll resolve the conflict. Anyone who thinks of people as not really being people is a threat to them, and the responsible thing to do is to contain the threat. These ideas didn’t come out of nowhere; wherever they came form, they need to be stopped.

  9. rietpluim says

    Matt Cramp A-fucking-men. Dehumanization is where the slope gets really slippery.

  10. shouldbeworking says

    I’m beginning to think that Tiffany Trump is really the smartest adult in the family.

  11. quotetheunquote says

    @shouldbeworking 13

    Yes – seems to largely keep her mouth shut. “Better to stay silent, and look like an idiot, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Not much of a bar to clear, though.

  12. Kimberly Dick says

    You know, PZ, you could insult these people without also shitting all over people with cognitive disabilities at the same time.

  13. rpjohnston says

    As always with the Trumps, his screed is bullshit and lies, made up on the spot to serve his purpose.

    And what purpose is that? h said it right there: “[We] aren’t humans”.

    That isn’t an insult or slander. That’s a threat. What will an administration do to people it has declared to be nonhuman? What will their people, the Trumpists that we’re told to empathize with so much, do when they hear their government declare us nonhuman?

    That’s the purpose that it serves. To tell the Right Wing that we aren’t human, that it’s ok to savage and kill us. The intent is to foment a mob to destroy us.

    Do NOT be complacent. The radical Right is rising as a terrorist force, and our blood will run in the streets if we don’t fight back.

  14. unclefrogy says

    and they are putting up anti Comey adds as well
    very strange and it ain’t paranoid if “they” are indeed after you. I have to remember that is not personal nor is it ideological either. It is just greed and personal ambition.
    uncle frogy

  15. emergence says

    “No morality”

    This is from a guy who kills endangered species for sport.

    This is from a guy whose father has screwed his workers and customers over thousands of times.

    This is from a guy whose political party is threatening to take away health care from millions of people to give rich people a tax break.

    This is from a guy being interviewed by a guy who’s pushing a bullshit conspiracy theory about a dead man with no regard to the feelings of the dead man’s family.

    You could make a list a thousand pages long of all of the horrendous shit that republicans are doing. When your political party is full of science deniers who’re screwing over the planet by slowing action on climate change, and misogynists who send death threats and rape threats to women they don’t like, you have no right to call the other side immoral. And then you top it all off by, without a lick of self-awareness, declaring that your political opponents aren’t human. Apparently, that’s not at all a profoundly evil thing to say, especially not at a time when right wingers are starting to flat out physically assault progressives.

    Eric Trump wouldn’t know what morality was if it ran up and punched him in the face.

  16. says

    To be fair, Eric spent the Obama years still fermenting in his humanoid flesh vat so he missed all the GOP obstructionism and his father being a birther who attacked every political opponent and called them names.

  17. robro says

    slithey tove @ #8

    “apples don’t fall far from the tree” (?)

    Yeah, but “poop doesn’t fall far from the hole” might be more appropriate.

  18. gijoel says

    I suppose all the money for those kids with cancers was just ‘resting in my account.’

  19. asclepias says

    Really? I think dehumanization has been used to invent excuses to start wars (all of them on some level). As a matter of fact, I have a name of someone who used that tactic in my head right now.

  20. Arnie says

    archangelospumoni (#3),

    is this one Uday or Qusay?

    I just noticed that if I type “Uday Qusay” into Google, the first search suggestion is indeed “uday qusay trump”.

  21. Dark Jaguar says

    The thing about projection is, it takes someone with some self reflection. I’m not sure this guy has ever done that. I’m pretty sure he isn’t projecting, he’s just horrible.