Happy belated Syttende Mai!

Yesterday was Norwegian Constitution Day, which, weirdly, communities all over the upper midwest of the United States celebrate every year. It’s all these damn immigrants who refuse to assimilate, don’t you know.

Unbelatedly, today is also the 37th anniversary of the Mt St Helens eruption. Seems like just yesterday I was sweeping ash off my car in Eugene and we were getting daily reports from wife’s family, who all lived in the Vancouver, Washington area.

Has any conspiracy theorist thought to link the two? Mad Norwegians expats in Washington getting carried away in their celebration, maybe?


  1. dutchmama says

    Not sure where but to put this, so I’m leaving it here (in the hopes that you will see it PZ). My friend at the University of Manoa wrote a blog post on American Mathematical Society blog: http://blogs.ams.org/inclusionexclusion/2017/05/11/get-out-the-way/ The post got picked up by College Reform and Daily Caller, and she’s now experience hate mail and death threats, messages to her department about firing her, you all know the drill. She has a personal blog at http://www.theliberatedmathematician.com/ Her dissertation was really interesting. Can we boost the signal of support?

  2. ironflange says

    I remember 37 years ago, here in Calgary AB there was a thin layer of grey dust on all the cars. We got off a lot easier than, say, Spokane or Yakima.