1. Bruce H says

    I like the hermit crab. He’s all like, “dat’s a varrry nice shell. I can haz?”

  2. martin50 says

    This video, with the hermit crab coming in to get in on the action, reminds me of one time up at Pigeon River Provincial Park in Ontario, just over the line from Minnesota. There’s a small waterfall there and at its base there was a dead fish, plus hundreds of crayfish either on it or heading for it, with still more making their way up to the waterfall. It was like someone had hollered “FREE CORNDOGS” at the state fair and a quarter-million people turned and headed the same direction–it didn’t matter that there wasn’t enough for everyone, there might be enough for ME! –The next day, they were all gone, except for the bones of the fish, which were still in the same place.

  3. Artor says

    I dunno Giliell, I see LOTS of noodly appendages!

    Emergence, I’d expect they have a beak like an octopus or squi.