1. chigau (違う) says

    That is a very ugly tree.
    The person who stole it should have kept it and fixed it.
    I estimate eight years.

  2. =8)-DX says

    He needed it for the Knights of Ni! After they became the Knights of Eki-eki!, he was able to return it.

  3. Derek Vandivere says

    Body shaming a tree?

    I can’t get my head around the mindset that goes from “it’s ok to steal a tree from a public garden for my own yard” to such an emotional apology in a few days.

  4. cherbear says

    I think the thief thought it wouldn’t be missed. With large gardens, it would be easy for someone to say, “it’s just one little tree”, and then thoughtlessly steal it. I’m glad someone is capable of remorse.

  5. unclefrogy says

    that’s nuts
    to dig up a plant is not like picking a flower you have to know that it is not yours to take and do it anyway you have to bring the equipment and supplies needed for the task with you and clearly do it when there are no witnesses. The “I did not know apology” and returning the plant contradicts the idea that they did not realize what they were doing in the first place.

    I am not clear on what was removed the tree or the cross-hatched in front.
    uncle frogy

  6. cherbear says

    I suppose. Maybe he had a change of heart when someone in the house said, “Where the hell did you get that??”