1. microraptor says

    There weren’t enough roads in my area, so I ended up playing Ms Pacman in Tokyo.

    Yeah, that game is still hard.

  2. numerobis says

    There “aren’t enough roads” in downtown Montreal, but there are in Morris?

  3. robro says

    Don’t be ridiculous, PZ. You know there’s no such thing as ghosts. Those are Republicans, and truly scary.

  4. robro says

    numerobis @ #4 — “Seems there’s a bug.” In Google software!? Really!? A bug? That’s very hard to believe.

  5. some bastard on the internet says

    I’m getting chased by ghosts?

    Clearly they’re trying to stop you from desecrating that communion wafer!

  6. wzrd1 says

    I play bad neighborhood each and every day.
    Indeed, back when I lived in SW Philly, I was community champion. Now, I get to play with this neighborhood’s junior varsity as I edge toward senior citizenhood.

    The difference is, in a game, you “lose” or lose points.
    Here in real life, you end up dead, your wife raped (happened once here) or worse.

    Honestly, PZ, I wonder and am happy that you have your life. We’re far better mentally equipped for a lower income life than you are.

    And yes, I’m absolutely serious, on all accounts.
    Now, my wife doesn’t go around without a loaded firearm, to much my grieving.
    I don’t walk outside of our property without my cane. A simple, wooden cane, well proved by my father’s usage for years.
    It’s more than sufficient to trip someone, fracture a jaw, shatter a hyoid bone, although I far prefer a trip and kick to discourage someone.
    Thankfully, that’s not been necessary, as the entire neighborhood knows that firearms and edged weapons are equally scattered throughout our home. And a preference for edged weapons over firearms, to prolong their “non-retreat”.

    I’ll admit to a few character flaws. I do drink a bit too much, but it’s an augment to narcotics for pain relief and helps with some memories that occasionally (and previously, incessantly) awakened me at night.
    I’m also longer been known as a singularly vindictive man. Of that individual did not prove that they were right and I was wrong, I was and remain vindictive.
    I know the rapist, who left little evidence to work with, so things will go more ancient and I’ll try to guide it to a more self-destructive manner, which has been working well so far.
    What I’d prefer, as we trusted his partner, a woman who is a daughter prohibited from our house by her mother, a woman from the homeless couple we adopted, worse, with a toddler child, brought him in and championed for him.
    He’s self-destructing, thinking that I’m actively hunting him. I’ve not left our house, only a chance comment or two occurred. He’s since experienced 30 days in prison for an offense since.

    Yeah, totally different worlds, while, if my memory suffices, says that my income exceeds yours. With some expenses, I clear 62.5k, I spend 18.5K on housing, around 10% more on utilities. Medical costs and transportation, even as copays, account for worrisome amounts.
    Excuse me, I have to now explain to my wife, who has been suffering from hydromorphone withdraw symptoms for three days, *why* she’s suddenly normotensive, hypotensive and WTF.
    As our school system, which was excellent for those above normal IQ “normal”, so that I played with electron microscopes in junior high school, she got “Movie English”, due to an unrecognized dyslexia, I’m still a lot mad about that.
    I can’t address that, as the entire system has changed several times, I’m still trying to unfuck that current GOP dominated miseducation system.

    And people wonder *why* I drink 3.5 liters of whiskey a week!

    Welcome, welcome to my world….
    I”ll be there to pick you up before you puke.

    I choose these people because they’re not worthless.
    I’ve found more fine artists than I have frigging fingers and toes! I’ve found more mechanical geniuses than I can count. I’ve yet to find someone to equal my father, a non-highschool graduate, in concrete skills, although I’m now physically ill equipped to manage that issue.

    Welcome to my world, Sir!
    A term rarely used as respect by me.