The Morris NorthStar owes me $15

I put up a sign saying that I didn’t want their racist rag delivered to my door any more, and that I’d bill them $5 for each copy they trashed my office with. This morning: three copies delivered. Ka-ching!

Except…I don’t seriously believe they’ll pay up. Just like I don’t think their declaration on the cover, First Copy: FREE. All subsequent copies are $5 is realistic or valid. Therefore I’ll consider their trash to be fair game for trashing. Since they don’t take my demand seriously, I won’t take theirs seriously, and obviously they don’t even take it seriously. It’s SATIRE, don’t you know.

I did glance inside as I was hauling them off to recycling, and I see they’re still maintaining high journalistic standards. Their recent thrill was a visit by Little Ben Shapiro, which they described in an article titled Ben Shapiro Visits UMM, Discusses Trannies and Freedom. Charming. We learn exactly what Shapiro thinks of the topic.

Transgenderism is a tragic, horrible mental illness that people suffer from. It should be treated with nothing but sympathy. The idea that you can magically change a man into a woman or a woman into a man is anti-biology and anti-fact and foolish.

What I consider anti-biology is this prejudice that every human being must conform to one of only two types with regards to phenomena as complex and psychologically and socially fraught as sexual behavior and gender roles. But what do I know? I’m just a biologist, while Shapiro is a professional right-wing bozo and utterer of simplistic bigotry.

The article unfortunately says next to nothing about free speech, except to say that Shapiro is annoyed by the exercise of it: he doesn’t like being labeled a “racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe”. The whole thing is almost entirely about those awful “trannies”.

But he doesn’t want to be called a bigot or homophobe. Go figure.

I look forward to disposing all of the future copies of this vile thing that cross my path. Don’t worry. I’ll do it satirically.


  1. Nullifidian says

    Different prejudices have different originating factors. Some could result from one group trying to maintain economic advantage over others, for instance. But transgender people could hardly have been a large enough group for an ‘us versus them’ attitude to develop.

    Ignorance also plays a part in prejudice. Having incorrect ideas about transgender biology could be a factor, one that should be fairly easy to rectify. It probably would be easy to rectify, if it wasn’t for the poisonous effects of religion.

  2. Siobhan says

    If I had a dime actual biology was denied by an anti-trans bigot cloaking themselves in biology

  3. Blattafrax says

    Just a suggestion…
    If you were to pay for the second and third copy ($10) and they would accept the money, then I think they would have accepted they owe you $15.
    A check with a suitable note on the back reading “In payment for the three copies left at my door under the sign saying each would be billed for $5 disposal charge.” Should do it.


    (IANAL and of course depends on how much you want to pay $10 for the fun blogging the hypocrisy.)

  4. johnlee says

    Is homophopbia a tragic, horrible mental illness that people suffer from, or is it a lifestyle choice?

  5. Janine the Jackbooted Emotion Queen says

    Good to know that everything I have gone through my entire life is magic based. Sad to realize that demanding that people like me ends “free speech”. I am truly the worst, it is because of people like me that Tr#mp won the election.

    Ben Shapiro is a true hero, unlike Milo.

  6. says

    “I look forward to disposing all of the future copies of this vile thing that cross my path. Don’t worry. I’ll do it satirically.”

    Whatever you do don’t use it for toilet paper its too toxic.

  7. Siobhan says


    Good to know that everything I have gone through my entire life is magic based

    Yer a witch, Janine.

  8. llyris says

    When I was a kid my dad kept a ‘trannie’ on the dashboard of the car. It stood for ‘transistor radio’. I still get confused when people suggest that trannie is a derogatory term. Ok, it’s a bit archaic, but it’s just a radio. I also get confused when people actually use the term. You’re calling someone a radio? Oh.