1. says

    What has always smacked my gob is their tag line: “Find God’s match for you.” If God has a match for me, why do I have to pay these people to find it?

  2. quotetheunquote says

    Ugh. I worry about our reviewer – too much “Dancing to the Masochism Tango” can’t be good for a body…

    (Anybody else really, really offended at the “our wholesome American food/their evil furren food” dichotomy reported here? It’s not just Xian movies either.)

    PZ- impressed that you didn’t go for the obvious “baldly-made story” line at the end there. I know I couldn’t have resisted. But then, I’m just a lost sinner.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    If there was a thunderstorm, the film company should pay Baal or Thor part of the proceedings!

  4. birgerjohansson says

    If they were down in Mexico a whole year, how could they miss the “Day of the Dead” thing Mexicans are into? Oh, evil Catholic custom, sorry.

    The clock shop is about how evilution is wrong, there must be an intelligent watchmaker behind it all… and his name is N’ yahrlath-Hoteph.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Just as well that I had to work and hence, as I am diligent, didn’t turn the babble box on.
    Projectile vomiting isn’t a pleasant experience.

  6. waydude says

    @microraptor you’ve not answered his question! Why does god need with a starship?!

  7. cubist says

    Come on, wzrd1 and waydude. Anyone who’s seen Star Trek V: The Final Frontier knows why god needs a starship: To get to the other side.

  8. Ray, rude-ass yankee, Bugblatting Flibbertigibbet says

    With any other dating site existing out there, why would she get on Christian Mingle if she’s not Christian? Does not compute. Also, there’s a book “Christianity for Dummies”??? I thought it was just called “the bible”.
    Here’s an Extremely NSFW review. Lots of profanity, possibly triggering for talk/jokes about sex, rape, racism and misogyny. Sometimes pretty raw, don’t remember how bad this episode is. “God Awful Movies podcast: Christian Mingle” .

  9. quotetheunquote says

    Also, there’s a book “Christianity for Dummies”??? I thought it was just called “the bible”

    Very nice.