1. surprisesaplenty says

    Kyeongju is a little south and east of Daegu, while Cheongju is a little west and quite a bit north of Daegu. Bulguksa is in Kyeongju. A big challenge here is in converting the Korean characters to our alphabet. The city you visited has been written in English as “Kyeongju”, “Gyeongju”, and “Gyoungju” but never as Cheongju.
    Let’s see how Hangeul is rendered on the various computers accessing this site. Kyeongju: 경주
    Cheongju: 청주

    The stone pagoda you photographed is on the Korean, uh, dime or ten won coin.

  2. says

    Fixed. We were in Gyeongju — my error was in not remembering how to spell it, checking google, and seeing it tell me its closest match.

  3. surprisesaplenty says

    Hope you’re enjoying your time here. Congrats to your son and his bride!

  4. derek lactin says

    Hello PZ: While in Korea will you be giving any lectures? It would be my only change to ever attend one (I’m in Pohang)

  5. A. Noyd says

    Now there’s a familiar sight: a freshly planted rice paddy. Most of the ones around my workplace here in Japan got planted last weekend, and several got flushed of algae buildup today. In the evening, they get extremely loud with all the frogs that survived the herons that snack on them during the day. They seem really fascinating from an ecological perspective. And here’s an article about biodiversity loss when rice paddies are abandoned.