Please, no more blogger submissions for a while

I put out a call for applications for new FtB bloggers a while back, the response was a bit overwhelming — we got scores of applicants. Every minute of my free time today was spent organizing and reviewing and making short summaries for other FtBians to help them get through the pile, and I’m feeling a bit bleary-eyed now. So stop applying! No more for this round!

If you’re one of the applicants, we’re going to have the big evaluative review over the weekend and make some decisions then. We’ll contact people yes or no early next week.

Note that if we turn you down this time, it’s not necessarily an absolute rejection — we’ve got so many applicants that the field is particularly competitive, and some applicants will be deferred simply because we can’t cope with suddenly adding 40 blogs to the network. Don’t be discouraged, it may be that we’re just trying to get our first few bites down, and we’ll get around to gobbling you up eventually.

We’ll have a whole bunch of changes appearing next week, so stay tuned.


  1. says

    Somebody was apparently deeply un-sober and left a string of irrelevant comments here. Deleted, but not banned…unless they keep doing it.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Note that a new “New Frontiers” blog has appeared in the sidebar, though clicking it produces only a “no such animal!” page.

    Getting JFK to blog here – now that’s a definite coup!