1. Tethys says

    Such beautiful colors, and I am ever fascinated with their ability to also instantly change the texture of their skin so as to better blend in. I wonder what she looks like through a fish’s or crab’s eyes?

  2. Rich Woods says

    It’s at times like this that my default rule of ‘Never eat anything with the wrong number of legs’ is extended to ‘Never approach anything with the wrong number of legs’, however fascinating they might appear to be.

  3. Tethys says

    I went poking around to see if anyone had done any simulations of what the view might look like to different species and their very different eyes. I learned that crabs have many eyes in very odd locations, and some can see UV light just like bees. Then I found this very cool article that compares the vision of various species including cuttlefish. No fish unfortunately, but the bird and snake info is pretty cool. Now I wish I could see UV like bees. How animals See The World

  4. nahuati says

    The octopus photo is really beautiful! The colors remind me of a tasty dessert, not something poisonous.