I think this was satire

I just found out today that I was targeted by the Church of Scientology. Maybe. It’s so over the top that I can’t tell.


As you may notice, though, that comment was made two years ago, after I posted on L. Ron Hubbard’s History of Man. I’ve survived so far.


  1. komarov says

    And this is why he madly attacks the “Science” in Scientology.

    Well, this statement is certainly ambivalent. You could read it as a reference to the solid scientific basis of scientology; the word is even in the name, it’s that important! Or you could read it as a sarcastic swipe against the bullshit, I’m sorry, science underpinning it. My brain seems to default to the latter.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    … Professor Moriarty Myers’ wog approach to Science has only resulted in the creation of Psych drugs that enslave the masses.

    Is a wog approach like a tadpole approach without the polly part?

    And do you offer samples of any of these drugs you (or your approach) have created?

  3. Randomfactor says

    Whoever it is has got the lingo down pat: “wog,” “hidden crimes,” etc.

    (Hey, he even managed to spell your name wrong. )

    But he missed out on a chance to call you a Suppressive Person, and therefore is downstat and quite possibly out-2D. To RPF with him!

  4. says

    Yes it’s satire, OTviiiisGrrr8 is a frequent poster over at Tony Ortega’s excellent Underground Bunker site, a great resource for breaking news about the celebrity-loving cult. OTviiiIsGrrr8 writes in the voice of the cult’s sociopathic leader David Miscavige. The frightening thing is, you can easily find very similar sentiments expressed by actual Scientologists, usually in their increasingly absurd press statements (widely believed to be written by Miscavige himself), or in the pages of their Freedom Magazine propaganda organ. These days, they only respond to criticism in print, as they can’t find a single person among their eight million members (haha) to put in front of a camera.

  5. says

    A “shady character” eh? You should be proud of the fact that you hide your shadiness so well. Normal on the outside, reasonable in discourse, but hiding the depths of evil in your heart.

    I’ve read real posts by Scientologists that don’t sound much different from that satirical piece.

  6. Sean Boyd says

    Some of it was pretty accurate, though. After all, you do attack “science” (as opposed to attacking science.) Also, your name was spelled properly a couple of times.

  7. unclefrogy says

    that reads just like a form letter with the name added.
    looks like you will never get your planet full of virgins or what ever you are supposed to get from the space men sorry about that

    uncle frogy

  8. says

    “Wogs” is a term used within Scientology (though not officially) to refer to non-members. It was used by Hubbard himself, who knew very well the racist origins of the word.

  9. Thierry Guerrant says

    Xenu loves you
    This I know
    For Ron Hubbard told me so
    Little Cruise to him belongs
    Though he’s short and wears a thong

    Xenu loves you
    And your wife
    Try to rise above the strife
    Buy more books and do a course
    Soon you both will have The Force

    Xenu loves you
    Loves you still
    Though you’ve failed to pay the bill
    Books and audits are not free
    Miscavage soon will break your knees

  10. says

    @ Alex #17:
    Haven’t you seen any of the documentaries on these assholes? They routinely turn to stalking and harassment so silence their critics, and while they probably won’t order a hit on you they sure can make your life a hell. They have the money to keep you in court forever and enough volunteer nutjobs to picket your house for months at a time.

    Do not underestimate just how fanatic and dangerous these guys are.

  11. says

    How do you “demonstrate scientifically” that your critics have committed “hidden crimes?” I guess the proof of the claim is hidden, along with the crimes.

    Oh, and how intelligent can these people really be, if they express surprise at PZ’s ability to function as a sane adult?

  12. mykroft says

    Religion is about control. If you do not submit to the control, that is a crime by definition.

    The definition of sanity under Scientology is that you believe in Scientology. If you don’t believe, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Not unlike the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, or in some red state areas in the US now.

  13. randay says

    What does this mumbo-jumbo mean, “in a state of restimulation caused by so many electronic incidents on his wholetrack”?