1. frog says

    When her little head popped up in the machine, I almost broke something from laughing so hard.

    I can imagine the dialogue:
    “Get your sister, we’re leaving.”
    “She’s in the machine.”
    (mom looks)
    “Don’t tell tales. Where is she?”
    “In the machine! She went in there!”
    “Are you sure? She couldn’t—”
    (sees kid)
    “Elmer! Elmer! Sally’s in the machine! Get back here!”

  2. themadtapper says

    I love how the kid just happily ignores the distraught mother to continue her climb to glorious stuffed-animal paradise.

  3. frog says

    WMDKitty: Speaking as the younger (by two years) of two kids, I guarantee you that even competent, attentive parents can be easily bamboozled by a clever child who has another to run interference for them.

    Unless a parent ties their child to them with one of those kid-leashes (abominable things, ugh), an inquisitive, determined child will escape their oversight. The parents are merely human; the child is an id-driven data-gathering machine that will not be stopped.

  4. says

    Apparently, the clerks didn’t have a key to the machine so it was a good thing she could get back out. Otherwise, it could have gotten very messy.

    1. Little kid barely (if even) out of diapers.
    2. Trapped for, possibly, hours waiting for the vendor with a key.
    3. ????
    4. Not profit!