Just so you know

I am now getting off the internet. I will not get back on until these two big stacks of exams are completely graded and entered into my gradebook, which I’m hoping will get me free this afternoon.

It’ll be hard. I might wail and cry now and then. But I’ll try to be strong.

You though — don’t be strong. Click incessantly. Beg for more FtB. Send us the tiny fractions of a penny your efforts bring to FtB. Give in to your addiction, we need you.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Strong tea being transported your way. Make sure to take bio breaks and stretch occasionally.

  2. rq says

    Good luck with the grading. Here’s a special pillow to escape the world and save yourself from injuries in the process of reading undergrad papers.
    I’ll just put the browser on automatic refresh to keep that sweet, sweet boodle going your way (does refresh count as a click?).

  3. Donnie says

    do teachers still use paper “grade books”? I remember my teachers always carried their grade books with them. Of course, that was way back before that internet thingy became a thingy.

  4. jiminycricket says

    Prhps whn y rtrn y wll fnlly hv th tm t rspnd Mchl Ngnt nd thr spprt yr gly, bslss smrs r rtrct thm nd plgz.

    t’s tm fr y t dmnstrt sm ntgrty nd ntllctl hnsty.

  5. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    When PZ’s away…
    Haha, no actually you can’t escape disemvoweling

  6. says

    Finished two stacks of grading. Now I have to rest.

    One more to do tomorrow, and I also have to put the final together for one class.

  7. carlie says

    Donnie – I know some who do. I use them for lab attendance.

    I haven’t started. I have cleaned the living room and moved furniture around in preparation for the holiday tree, which will be assembled this evening. Also I got sick and threw up, possibly from the dust involved in the cleaning. Now engaged in post-sickness resting before going to the next stage of house cleaning. I guess grading will be all day tomorrow…

  8. says

    One final graded. A second final is drafted and nearly ready for copying. A third final still needs to be written. A long week looms ahead!

  9. blf says

    I am now getting off the internet.

    Ah! That‘s why my connection speed suddenly went from at most no bytes-per-hour to its usual dead snail sliding uphill pace — poopyhead was sitting on the ‘Net again, and blocking the flow of those electron thingies.

    I do wish he’d learn what a “chair” is. Even if it doesn’t always have tentacles (the resemblance of a tangled mess of cables and a cephalopod is probably what’s confusing him).

  10. tsig says

    I feel obligated to help out so here’s some grades, A,A,B,B,C,C,C,A,A,C,C,CB,B,A, now all you have to do is assign them to the proper papers,:)