Because women know nothing about sex, duh.

That’s the answer to the question, “Why are there so few women invited to an academic conference on alternatives to sexual reproduction?

Other possible explanations:

“Because women might use this knowledge to make us men superfluous.”

“Because men just have bigger brains and um, other organs.”

Not acceptable answers:

“Because the old boy network conveniently forgets the existence of professional women in our field.”


  1. Tigger_the_Wing, asking "Where's the justice?" says

    No, of course not.

    It’s because women should be too busy actually reproducing to be able to talk about it.

    Just like women should be too busy playing games to be…

    Hang on; no, never mind.

  2. says

    Has it never occurred to you that maybe women just aren’t that interested in the narrow field of “doing and being involved in things?”