Skepticon wants your love

It’s that time of year when Skepticon gets needy. Skepticon loves you. Skepticon wants to have a conversation with you. Skepticon wants commitment. Skepticon is worried about the state of your relationship — you have a hot date scheduled for 21-23 November, and they want to make sure they can afford to treat you as you deserve. Skepticon wants you to look pretty.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s months away, and you can just forget about it for a while…you’ll do something when the big date gets a little closer. This is how you treat your relationship with Skepticon? You ignore it until you need your conference fix, you get it, and then you walk away, until next November?

Don’t be that person. Tend to Skepticon’s needs now, or perhaps when you strut out to Missouri someday, expecting Skepticon to fall all over you, Skepticon won’t be there for you.

A little present right now wouldn’t hurt. It would show that you really, sincerely, genuinely care. At the very least, make a promise.


  1. says

    Registred a while ago, and even have bought plane tickets, and booked the hotels (staying a few days in New York on the way there, and a few in Boston on the way back to Copenhagen).

    I have donated some, well OK a lot, already, and expect to donate some more next month. Just need to make sure that some other stuff is paid for first.

  2. Cynickal says

    I feel so socially awkward. I mean, this is all so sudden. I always liked skepticon as a friend, but I’m not sure I’m ready for so much commitment…