1. Rich Woods says

    So if a case is put before the Supreme Court, it would be described as being ‘ad scrotum’?

    Don’t blame me. Somebody had to say it!

  2. blf says

    It occurs to me Tim Minchin’s Fuck the Pope could be adopted (in several ways?) to the current situation: One would still be “Fuck the motherfucking power-hungry, self-aggrandised bigot in the stupid fucking hat” with the details changed, another might be “Fuck the motherfucking power-hungry, self-aggrandised bigots in the fucking star chamber”, …

  3. says

    Another funny song from Roy, but I personally have to say that. “I want a marriage like they had in the bible” is probably my favorite.

  4. ck says

    Between the Hobby Lobby “narrow, contraception-only” religious exemption (that no one expects will ever stay limited to this), gutting of the civil rights voting laws (racism is over!), removal of all limits on political bribes donations, and the ever increasing corporate personhood rights and the eroding of responsibilities, the United States is going to be paying dearly for this court’s decisions for decades to come at this point. But this isn’t judicial activism, of course. It’s only judicial activism when a group that isn’t supposed to have rights because they’re not white, straight or male enough is granted them by the courts.

  5. knowknot says

    I’ve always wondered about any mind (ie, Scalia’s) that can function, even minimally, given the fluffy and colorful handcuffs of originalism.
    I’ve also wondered what it would be like if some other profession, let’s say engineering, were to attempt such a lobe wobble. Perhaps we would then be able to enjoy an ever improving grade of rocks for use in carpentry, or even more sanitary and kid-friendly open sewers.

  6. throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble says

    So Republicans blocked a bill to “reverse” the HL decision. Apparently it’s only discrimination if it’s directed at religion. Women don’t count.